Merchandise The Sixth Doctor Who, Colin Baker

Published on April 11th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Fancy a Sixy Costume?

The Sixth Doctor Who, Colin Baker

You too can dress like Jason Donovan!

Good news everyone! But enough of quoting Futurama, let’s get onto the fun! Some of you, maybe all of you, maybe only three of you, may remember that we poster the goings on of The Collectible Art Company a while ago.

Those good people so concerned with various high quality prints who also happened to have a few original designs to hand of the Sixth Doctor’s “colourful” jacket.

There were worries that the prints wouldn’t ship on time, there were apologies, but when it came down to it, there was no need, because those good people have made sure that all orders have gone out in time and that you will receive your goods!

Pre-orders have been dispatched (you lucky, lucky people) and should be with you very soon. Those of you that have been waiting to place an order needn’t worry, there are a quantity of prints that have been signed and ready to be dispatched.

If you care to read the newsletter, you’ll see a picture of “old Sixy” himself posing in the jacket, giving you a glimpse of what the fiftieth anniversary could look like!

There’s more available from the website, especially for those of you concerned with the centennial of the Titanic disaster, there’s also a small, tiny, infinitesimal peak at the next Doctor Who costume design that will be made available. Possibly, maybe. You’ll just have to read on to find out!

Head to for details.


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3 Responses to Fancy a Sixy Costume?

  1. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    Shame its not the actual costume you could get. The others that were to come out (Leela, 4th & 5th Doctor) the company has gone into administration.

  2. avatar Grahame Flynn says:

    Dear All

    Mr O’Brien’s post is wrong!!

    As the Managing Director of The Collectable Art Company I can tell you that it is business as usual. Our website is open for orders and we recently launched Ken Trew’s designs for pre-order.

    Colin Baker’s design is available and Sylvester’s is available for pre-order. Due to the limited run of each print and the fact that they are signed by the designer and actor involved (When they are still alive) we take bookings and then get them signed in one go. Actors are busy people!!

    Comments like Ian’s above are not only slanderous but highly offensive to people like me who are working hard to bring high quality merchandise to fans of the series.

    We are working with a number of designers to bring more products to the market for the 50th Anniversary.

    We have just launched two designs by Ken trew for Delgado and Ainley ‘Master’ designs. These are not the actions of a company with any problems!!! We also advertise in the official Doctor Who Magazine and various forums. We are soon to appear in the BBC shop!!

    Please get facts correct before posting.

    Grahame Flynn
    Managing Director
    The Collectable Art Company

  3. Hi Grahame

    Thanks for setting the record straight!

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