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Published on April 12th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Donating Daleks

You wait for over a year for a Dalek and all of a sudden loads turn up at once when you’re not looking!

With the shooting of the new series of Doctor Who now underway, it’s pretty evident that we can look forward to the return of Skaro’s finest in one of the early episodes. The last “proper” Dalek story was 2010’s The Big Bang, which saw a single stone Dalek chasing the Doctor and his friends around as the Universe collapsed.

Since then, we’ve had a cameo in last year’s The Wedding of River Song and that’s been about it. However, The Sun (a British tabloid newspaper) has recently reported that the BBC has sent out a request for all known Dalek props to be returned to them for filming of the new episode! The Sun will be lending their Dalek, the gold coloured meany that was in charge in 1972’s Day of the Daleks, to the Doctor Who production team.

If the other rumours prove true, then we’re looking at a whole range of Daleks appearing at once and on screen rather than just the new Dalek paradigm. What can this mean for the episode’s story? Only time will tell but it looks like Steven Moffat has one brilliant and exciting story up his creative sleeve.

Moffat thanked the Sun for their generosity and made the promise:

“We’d like to assure The Sun we take very good care of all our Daleks and see no harm comes to them during production.”

He added: “Except for the ones the Doctor blows up, of course.”

More news on episode details will come as we find out!



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4 Responses to Donating Daleks

  1. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Whoa, that is gonna be sooo cool!

  2. avatar Mr Brak says:

    I’ve just stunned that the ‘super soar-away Sun’ has THE ACTUAL Day of’ model!

  3. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    The GOld Sun Dalek is not an original. Dalek6388 said on Twitter:Just to confirm the story in The Sun is not true. It is not an original & the BBC have confirmed they aren’t using it. Edward Russell BBC brand manager said on twitter:
    Edward Russell ‏ @edwardrussell
    So the answer is we’re not looking for any more Daleks. Kind of The Sun to offer theirs but we’ve completed all those scenes.
    If anyone wants to know more about the classic props I cannot recommend enough this site.

    • Good call Ian, thanks for sharing!

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