Doctor Who News Matt Smith and Karen Gillan record scenes in New York's Central Park for Doctor Who Series 7

Published on April 13th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Doctor Who’s New York Photo Album

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan record scenes in New York's Central Park for Doctor Who Series 7

New York, Central Park and everyone with a set of eyes and a camera phone have been capturing the exploits of the Doctor Who crew as they complete scenes for the Ponds swansong with several media sites grabbing their own snaps of Matt, Karen and Arthur.

At the fan end of the spectrum Rubronc014 uploaded footage of the Doctor running across a bridge to YouTube where the Eleventh Doctor received a hearty round of applause of his efforts (talk about being easily pleased.)

The Mirror caught the Doctor playing gooseberry as Amy and Rory shared a smooch before snapping a candid moment between Amy and the Doctor sat on an unfurled picnic blanket clutching a very interesting book (more on that later.)

Io9 continued the media-wide anatomy of a picnic by snapping several shots of the trio in and amongst the rocks of Central Park – just what is it with that book?

[spoiler ]

Confirming the title of just what the Doctor is reading lately SFX has the slightly spoilery answer: Melody Malone.

So is River Song the titular character of her own gumshoe series? It was more than likely that the Ponds daughter would be present for their final trip in the TARDIS but just what part will she play?

In case you were worried about the lack of driving in the current series can at least confirm that when she does return River will indeed be driving.

A casting call went out throughout New York looking for a photo double for Alex Kingston with the added requirement that she be able to drive.


So maybe we’ll be getting a classic noir style race through Cardiff’s equivalent of the Streets of New York (The Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy Building has already stood in for a stateside location currently suffering from a Weeping Angel infestation.)




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  1. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    If this is weeping angels in New York they missed a trick here – should have been in the ‘City of Angels’ rather than the ‘Big Apple’

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