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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

Classic Daleks Assemble for Doctor Who Series 7!

Some interesting photos have emerged to add weight to this week’s rumours that the next series of Doctor Who will feature all (or most of) the types of Daleks there have ever been. This includes the ‘classic’ Daleks as seen in the 1960s serials, all the way through to Steven Moffat’s ‘Smartie Daleks’.

A classic era Dalek in pieces

The first picture is what looks to be a Genesis Of The Daleks era Dalek – notice the grey base and black hemispheres (not “etheric beam locators” – Ed?). This picture came from  a chap called Andrew C. Smith on The Twitter.

Executive Producer Caro Skinner+Dalek

The second picture is from new Executive Producer Caro Skinner’s Twitter feed, in which she says that Russell T. Davies’ Dalek has arrived on set. Then she shows us a picture of a Dalek that has nothing to do with Davies’ era (not even Dalek Sec – the eye-stalk is too small) although there is a similarity between the two.

These pictures, combined with the publicity shot we’ve already seen of Matt Smith’s Doctor and Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond posing with a classic-style Dalek. One hopes they will use all these Daleks being in the one place to take them to London (bit of a trek from Cardiff, I know) and recreate the famous shot from The Dalek Invasion Of Earth.

I’m sure any Doctor Who fan worth their salt is already getting excited about the thought of so many Daleks in one place. Unless they’re trying to destroy the universe. Again.


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9 Responses to Classic Daleks Assemble for Doctor Who Series 7!

  1. avatar Krumstets says:

    Maybe the RTD Dalek is a prop that actually belongs to Russell T D .?

  2. avatar drouyn says:

    Andrew Smith is Russell T. Davies’ partner, so I think it’s safe to assume that the Dalek in the pictures belongs to them.

    • It certainly seems to be him. (Of course, there are *a lot* of Andrew Smiths around…)

  3. avatar LBUNITHQ says:

    Ok where do I get a TARDIS beanie ?? Saw Mr Moffat in the same design is it a production crew item, fan made or available generally ?

  4. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    This is soooo exciting…I hope they include obscure Daleks from the annuals like Marsh Daleks and the underwater ones – I mean they won’t, having loads of different models is enough, but I’m getting overexcited and can’t help my mind drifting off.

    boop-de-boop-de-boop-de (Dalek control noise)

  5. avatar francis cave says:

    Never mind all that chaps!!

    What’s the story with the “RTD” logo in the second pic?

    • avatar drouyn says:

      Didn’t they name part of the new studio after Russell T. Davies? I presume the photo was taken there for that reason.

      • avatar Francis Cave says:

        Wow, I’d not heard that!

        Makes sense though considering how much he’s done for the Series and BBC Wales.

        Hopefully in some shape or form he will write for the series again, perhaps a 50th anniversary special co-written with the Moff?

        I can dream!!

  6. avatar Ian says:

    OMG I want Caro’s hat!!!!

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