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Published on March 3rd, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Thank You Wales

Ah, the valleys. The tranquil scenery of Wales is something synonymous within British culture. Many people think of Wales and come up with other stereotypes such as heavy drinking, passionate games of rugby or sheep.

But Wales is responsible for more than we like to think. Especially if you’re a fan of Science Fiction, class A actors or Doctor Who.

In honour of St David’s Day, SFX has compiled a list of what makes Wales so important in popular culture. There’s Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones, Russell T Davies, Terry Nation, Timothy Dalton, Christian Bale and…Catatonia.

But then there’s the long connection that Wales has had with Doctor Who that’s most interesting. It’s where 1967’s The Abominable Snowmen was filmed and it played the role of Tibet, it gave us the setting for one of the best ever third Doctor adventures, “The One With The Giant Maggots” and it doubled for Gallifrey’s Death Zone and looked after five Doctor’s, numerous companions and a multitude of alien enemies in 1983. Recently, it’s been the home of Doctor Who, creating alien worlds, modern day London and even the Torchwood hub for Captain Jack Harkness.

Wales is as important to Doctor Who as the first regeneration sequence, the Daleks, the TARDIS and the Time War. Sometimes it’s not given the credit it deserves but maybe we should all take a moment to thank it for its continual support to us Who fans over the past few decades. When London didn’t want Doctor Who, Wales welcomed it with open arms and embraced it lovingly and it’s part of the reason that we’ve been able to enjoy Auton invasions, stolen planets, battles at Canary Wharf and Weddings of Time Lords over the past seven years.

Thank you, Wales for all your support and kindness to our favourite show over the years, long may it continue!

Visit to read the full SFX article and to see a map of where Doctor Who has been filmed in Wales over the years.


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  1. avatar stlshawn says:

    As someone who has never been to Britain, but has always been a fan of British TV, I honestly was not sure of exactly where Wales was, until Doctor Who Confidential. Their “behind the scenes” looks into filming of DW gave such respect and reverence to Cardiff and all of Wales, it made me look up the various places a bit further, and learn a bit about the region.

    I have now decided that my first trip “across the pond” would not be to Tuscany, Paris, London or any other “normal” destination for a first time traveler,,,,, but it will be Cardiff (by way of London) for a couple days, and then a trip through Ireland and (time permitting) Scotland.

    I watch a great show on PBS (You can now catch it on Hulu) called “Rick Steve’s Europe” that really gives wonderful tips and ideas for a trip, and his trips through Wales and the surrounding region was really incredible. I can’t wait to go.

    Anyway,,,, thanks Cardiff for being the home of the greatest bit of entertainment on television, heck,, the greatest bit of entertainment anywhere,,,, for the last few years. I look forward to seeing you in 2013.

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