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Published on March 6th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Tennant on Tree Fu Tom

Coming across as a rural Lazytown or an Xbox Kinect version Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, – Tree Fu Tom, the brand new kid’s show featuring the voice talents of David Tennant and Sophia Aldred, actively encouraging kids to take part in Tom’s magical adventures.

The show follows the exploits of Tom as he darts about his Sylvan world of Treetopolis solving problems along with sidekicks such as Twigs – where you the audience will be called upon to help Tom perform ‘spells’ – a sequence of movements designed to be mimicked by the audience at home.

The Radio Times recently sat down with Tree Fu Tom’s Producer and Editor Daniel Bays who hopes the physical participation will have positive effects on the young audiences self esteem:

“The core thing is we want kids to feel like they are heroes too.”

Bays interest in helping to encourage physical development in children was first piqued by an article he read on Dyspraxia, a developmental condition that affects an estimated six to 15 per cent of children.

Former Doctor Who David Tennant co-stars with former companion Sophie Aldred in Tree-Fu-TomShow consultant Dr. Lynda Foulder-Hughes of the Dyspraxia Foundation and In the Night Garden‘s Iggle Piggle himself, choreographer Nick Kellington, helped Bay devise the ‘spells’ into a series of foundation movements – the building blocks towards more complex movements – to aid children suffering from this condition which can make developmental stages like learning to write or eating with a knife and fork all the more difficult.

David Tennant, who voices Tree Fu Tom’s companion Twigs, is certainly interested in the results:

“I could never have imagined that a programme like this could be used in this way to help combat Dyspraxia. It will be fascinating to see if it does have a positive effect. The children will certainly have a good time trying!”

Tree Fu Tom is on Monday to Friday at 5:25pm on the Cbeebies channel.

For more information on the condition head over to the Dyspraxia Foundation website.


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4 Responses to Tennant on Tree Fu Tom

  1. avatar daniel says:

    My 2 year old son watched this on I Player yesterday. I kept popping in whilst i was making dinner and he was glued to it.

    It seemed very frenetic…lots of running…wonder where they got that idea?

  2. avatar nia says:

    My two year old son loves it. It’s so much fun watching him jump up to do the world magic. He gets so excited. Even better if you join in with them. What a lovely programme.

  3. avatar matt says:

    Another parent with a 2 year old son that absolutely loves it. He is a very physical boy by nature and when he saw the Tree Fu moves he was hooked. It’s great to join in with him although he does do the moves in public which can look like we sre teaching him martial arts from a very early age!

  4. avatar ben says:

    my 2 year old is mad for tom, he wakes up and tells me he wants to do magic and he has also made me make him his own magic belt, i think its brilliant as my son is learning so much from it.

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