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Published on March 31st, 2012 | by Philip Bates

New Who Star’s Weekend Mail

Pick up today’s Daily Mail for an exclusive interview with new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat with new companion Jenna ColemanThe interview, which appears in the Weekend supplement, coincides with the 25-year-old’s appearance in ITV’s Titanic (Sundays, 9pm) and was conducted at the series’ launch party – obviously before the big announcement!

Coleman plays Annie Desmond, a stewardess, in Titanic, written by Julian Fellowes (responsible for Downton Abbey and the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House). She told Richard Barber and Tim Oglethorpe:

“Annie’s a young woman with aspirations, determined to work her way up on the Titanic. She’s got a lowly job, but she’s confident, enjoys her job and takes pride in it. She’s a cockney, which is about as far removed from my own Lancashire background as it’s possible to be. So I did some “cockney research”.

“Watching Barbara Windsor in EastEnders was definitely helpful! I also went to the Titanic exhibition in London before I auditioned, and that gave me a feel for the sheer scale of both the ship and the tragedy that befell it.”

And Jenna clearly likes to immerse herself in the character; she explains:

“I found a book containing all the notes from Violet Jessop, a young stewardess who survived the sinking. It helped me create a back-story in my mind for Annie. I was able to imagine her going for her interview and seeing the ship for the first time.”

Jenna is also interviewed in the Radio Times and the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out Thursday.


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  1. avatar Gruff says:

    Her performance is one of the better things in Titanic. I’ve thrice drifted off in the first two episodes and though it is an oft used and a clever trick to repeat a scene from a different perspective I feel they are rather egging the pudding to keep using it. Not quite sure how they justified making it into 4 one hour episodes as it is more full of advertising breaks than a Simon Cowell vanity project. Jenna appears quite good and Toby Jones too, but I don’t know whether I will stick out the last two parts :(

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