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Published on March 1st, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Katherine Jenkins with “Stars”

That Katherine Jenkins really makes sure that she dips her toes in every aspect of media that she can, doesn’t she?

Not content with being a recognised and successful opera singer and a Doctor Who star (for one glorious night) she will now be appearing in the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing which is known stateside as Dancing With the Stars.

Forming part of the line up for the 14th season of the show, she will appear alongside other “famous faces” such as Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) and Derek Hough (the best friend of Cheryl Cole, who is a TV reality star winner). With rich and talented people like that at her side she may never need appear in anything else. However, she will be appearing alongside Gladys Knight who sang the theme song for the 1989 James Bond movie Licence To Kill (along with various hits in the 1970s), so it’s not all bad!

Dancing With The Stars will begin with a live two hour event on March 19th on ABC. If you’re a fan of Jenkins or maybe one of the other guests to appear on the show then tune in and indulge you’re dancing appetite!

The Dancing With the Stars website has full details of the other “dancing” guests.


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3 Responses to Katherine Jenkins with “Stars”

  1. avatar daniel says:

    Id love to foxtrot with katherine jenkins any time!

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  3. avatar CMD says:

    she is a ringer

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