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Published on March 12th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Worlds in Time Launches

If you’re one of the few interested in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time who have been unable to access the game while it was in beta testing, you can finally breathe safely as the first-ever browser-based, free-to-play multiplayer online game based on the popular television series finally goes live

Doctor Who MMO - Worlds in TimeAvailable from, the game throws you into the role of the Doctor’s companion and apparently includes an intriguing narrative for sci-fi followers and serious gamers and stimulating micro-missions for game enthusiasts looking for a quick pick-up-and-play game.

Since the open preview launch in December 2011, the BBC and Three Rings have developed various Doctor Who environments available, as well as introduce additional virtual items and create “engaging communal features”.

Robert Nashak is the Executive VP of BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games:

Worlds in Time offers players a multitude of elements and opportunities to socialize. From introducing beloved characters and progressive storylines to presenting additional guild play, our goal is to become the largest Doctor Who community ever assembled, while also being an enjoyable experience for all users.”

Although free to play, the game is – strictly speaking – what has become known as “freemium”. Players can enrich their gameplay and hasten their progress through the purchase of Chronons, which help them to customize their avatars, complete mini-games, build new contraptions and more.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time ready for you to start playing now at



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5 Responses to Worlds in Time Launches

  1. avatar David says:

    This game is surprisingly really good!

    you should give it a try its a bit buggy but its in its infancy

  2. avatar David says:

    Will the game always be free like the Doctor Who Adventure Games series of games or does the user have to pay for it in part?

    • Hi David! From what we understand the game will always be free to play, but there is optional payment for in-game tools and items.

      • avatar Becky says:

        Its free to start but once you use your chronos you can’t do anything really.

  3. avatar Izza says:

    This game is so outrageously lame it belongs on Facebook.

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