Doctor Who News Karen Gillan and Matt Smith relaxing off set

Published on March 14th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith relaxing off set

Stalking two Doctor Who stars in Almeria, Spain

You can take the man away from the Doctor but you can’t take the Doctor away from the man.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been pictured walking around the little Spanish town they’re filming the western themed episode of Doctor Who in for the seventh series with Smith still looking quite Doctor-ish! Almeria doesn’t know what’s hit it!

Sporting a stylish jacket, Mickey Mouse jumper, rolled up black trousers and some cool looking trainers it’s not hard to see where part of the eleventh doctors look came from during its inception.

Walking along with Gillan, who looked effortlessly stylish, the pair seemed to be larking about as they picked up what they needed before filming recommences on the episode that has been rumoured to be called Gun Slingers (does that sound a bit too obvious for Doctor Who?).

Mr Pond, aka Arthur Darvill, was otherwise engaged during his day off as he entertained his girlfriend and, might we comment, looked particularly loved up!

This is Karen and Arthur’s last series of Doctor Who so it’s nice to see they got taken somewhere other than Wales for a spot of filming!

Roll on the new series of Doctor Who!


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One Response to Dedicated Followers of Fashion

  1. avatar Susan says:

    I think this article is almost as bad as the one which said they were ‘too trendy’ for their own good. I love Matt, particularly when he wears his cartoon sweatshirts or that blue and white patterned jumper he seems to love. I think he looks wonderful in suits and I adore the outfit he wears as the doctor. He may be interested in fashion because of Daisy and the photoshoots he has been on since becoming the Doctor but I don’t think the word stylish comes into his head for a moment when he is dressing casually. Karen was a model briefly and occasionally wears ‘fashionable’ outfits which I dislike but mostly she dresses like the 24 year old she is and looks lovely.
    These pictures really don’t warrant fashion comments. I would have preferred a bit of discussion of the episode they were filming or even speculation of what Karen was going to do after Doctor Who.
    Finally, on behalf of Arthur and his girlfriend, Matt and Daisy and all other couples, I would suggest that you put a jar in the office so that anyone caught using the expression ‘loved up’ could be forced to pay a tenner into it.

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