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Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Daleks and Weeping Angels

The Daleks are coming back to menace the Doctor once again in Series 7!

As we discovered yesterday, the Weeping Angels have also been confirmed as has a little bit more information regarding the departure of the Ponds. Moffat has confirmed that they will leave in episode 5 of series 7 which is the same episode that includes the deadly stone statues. Will we see Amy and Rory taken out of time forever, their potential futures taken away and devoured by the hungry Angels?

One can only hope not but Moffat is being cagey with the details and we know that Karen Gillan has no plans to bring the character of Amy Pond back after she departs so maybe a companion will truly die this time around? The Tweet below quoting The Grand Moff certainly confirms that people will die but then we’ve seen in the past that it doesn’t always turn out that way (The Parting of the Ways springs to mind…)!

[blackbirdpie url="!/bbcdoctorwho/status/182420692288016384"]

And where will Skaro’s finest fit in to the equitation? Moffat has already mentioned that episode 1 of the new series will contain the words “_______ of the ________” does this mean that we may have the Daleks doing a season opener? Something that hasn’t happened since 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks?

It would seem likely; it would be a massive ratings winner and an exciting way to start this very special series of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One later this year.


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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

10 Responses to Daleks and Weeping Angels

  1. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    I hope its the classic style Daleks than the new fatleks!
    Moffat did say in the Brilliant book of 2011 that they would be back, the new ones are just to supplement then others. I don’t think he foreseen the backlash against the fatleks! So I am hoping!

  2. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    If it has to be Fatleks then please repaint them, pleeeaaasssee…red and white are OKish at best I ‘spose but the others really really bad especially together. Silver or grey might work…

    • Make them all black and gold, Dalek Supreme style…?

  3. avatar Leo says:

    I’m beyond excited (to quote the lovely Jenna), so much great news yesterday, and the sun was shining! Bliss!!!!

    Maybe the opener will be Return of THE Dalek’s with RTD’s Dalek’s comeback and the send the Flatleks to Dalek oblivion (although I do like the idea of the black and gold Supreme style…..

  4. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    I agree with Leo. Assuming the events of what happened with the Pandorica are considered part of a dead-end timeline, but during WW2 is still part of history, then those ominous words in Victory of the Daleks aren’t all that unsurprising.

    However, I suspect that it’s Rory who dies in episode 5; The Reckoner looks like him only older, being sent back in time by the Weeping Angels and Amy watching him die, which leads to her leaving the TARDIS forever.

  5. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    Didn’t everything get reset in the big bang. Also at the Dr Who exhibition in London, when you went into the part where the fatleks were, on screens we see Dalek saucers which are Davros’s Daleks. I would like that idea and for them to wipe the fatleks out!

  6. avatar Krumstets says:

    The Daleks – along with the Cybermen – really need to be re-invented to make them more of a threat.

    Doctor fights Daleks – Doctor wins – kind of , then it’s off to more adventures.

    Since the Daleks ( And Cybermen ) are not going anywhere their presence as a constant threat should be made clearer and as for their redesign that too could do do with a more up to date rethink on their sucker and egg whisk appendages….
    Coloured Daleks look great – never had a chrome one though have we ?

    Davros and his right hand bling Dalek….With special protuberances…..???

    ( Can we go back to Skaro please – did the Hand of Omega really wipe out all the lovely Thals too ? )

  7. avatar Gavin Noble says:

    They could give the new design fatleks their own series – Mighty Morphin Power Daleks”

  8. avatar Spacedog2k4 says:

    Weeping Angels? Again?!? Really?? C’mon, Moff! Learn from the @#$%ing past already (tho’ you seem determined to forget it all!). The Daleks became so meh in the 60′s, as they were overused, and even the Master became a bit of a bore during the 5th Doctor’s run. Come up with something new already! What made the Weeping Angels so cool in “Blink” was they were new, original – now they’re swiftly becoming “yesterday’s news”!

  9. avatar Spacedog2k5 says:

    Good to see that opinions are valued as highly as U.S. currency ’round here. If you aren’t pro-Moffat, I guess individual comments are neither welcome, nor encouraged. I’m not sorry that I dislike the return of the Weeping Angels, but at least my comments made sense instead of just saying “Oh, Moff, suck it already!”. Thankfully, not all WHO moderators out there are like this..

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