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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

The Eighth Doctor On Sale!

Big Finish’s February sale sees the Eighth Doctor’s adventures with Lucie Miller and Tamsin Drew available for amazing prices.

On 20th February, the first season can be snatched up for just £35 for all eight releases, or £5 each. The season starts with the Doctor (Paul McGann) meeting Lucie (Sheridan Smith) on Red Rocket Rising in the two-parter, Blood of the Daleks, and concludes with Human Resources (love that title) featuring the Cybermen.

You can get the second season’s eight releases for £35 (or £5 each) on 21st February. The pair come face-to-face with fan- favourites, Morbius, Autons and the Zygons!

Season three is available for £35 on 22nd February or – once again – for just £5 each. The eight releases feature Hothouse (with the Krynoids), Wirrn Dawn (with… uhm, the Wirrn) and The Cannibalists (with Phill Jupitus).

And finally, you can get the 10-episode Season Four for £40 (or £5 each) on 23rd February. The season sees a new companion in the TARDIS, the return of an old enemy – and old friends. It all concludes in To the Death

The first three seasons are usually priced at £60, while the last is £90 – so this extraordinary sale is certainly welcome!

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One Response to The Eighth Doctor On Sale!

  1. avatar Jazzy1969 says:

    I have to say this is most welcome ! I’ve been wating to get season’s 3 & 4 for a while now (having brought the 1st 2 seasons at a bargain price at a convention 18 months ago and thoroughly enjoyed them !)

    I for one will be forgoing a couple of luxuaries this month and putting that £75 to good use with Big Finish and the 8th Dr !

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