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Published on February 13th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Shooting Until December?

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has appeared in a special video interview with The Guardian, partially to celebrate his appointment as patron of the Royal Court’s Young Writers festival.

Along the way he recalls some of his previous stage performances such as That Face, but of most interest to Doctor Who fans, of course, are what he reveals about Series 7 which enters full production shortly.

“It’s a long shoot, we’ve got four or five scripts that are in really good shape. The casting is going very well. I heard some exciting news this morning actually about someone who is going to be in it (but I can’t tell you!)… you’ll know him. Or her!

On the matter of the shoot, Matt seems happy enough to be working outdoors a lot of the time, with night shoots in quarries and streets where monsters shouldn’t be.

“A lot of it is outdoors but there are worse ways to spend your evenings. I’m shooting now until December on Doctor Who, depending on what happens thereafter, who knows, I’m itching to come back [to the Royal Court]“

Now what is interesting about this is that if the show is filming in December, that takes us to about a year from when Matt said “I’ve got another year“… which could of course mean that he’s got a few months off after that, or…


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3 Responses to Shooting Until December?

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I read that as it’s longer than the regular 9 month shoot so they’re probably just including the Christmas special in that schedule. the big question though is, are they also filming the 50th anniversary special? And then everyone takes a nice long break?

    • avatar Krumstets says:

      I thought the Moff said they were entering the longest period of production ever or something like that.

      Nine months is the standard production schedule, so they wouldn’t be able to do next years including the 50th anniversary as well….it would need to continue way beyond December.
      Anyway, I’m only guessing.
      In the end I reckon they will go on much longer than Dec….
      What are they planning is anyones guess at this stage.

      • This long run might also be why TGM said they were focusing on more self-contained stories – makes it easier to split the series up across the next couple of years.

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