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Published on February 20th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Series 7 Hits the Ground Running!

Filming for Series 7 of Doctor Who started earlier today at the Pond residence, naturally causing the rumour mill to churn once again…

Marcus Wilson, producer, has said in Doctor Who Magazine that two monsters from the ‘classic’ series will pop up at some point in the season, though whether this be in a “Dalek-in-The-Wedding-of-River-Song” sense or a “Ice-Warriors-in-uhm-The-Ice-Warriors” way will obviously be left unconfirmed for a while yet.

SFX, meanwhile, have speculated over the transmission of the series:

“If the series is still shooting in December it seems impossible that it will be transmitted in one chunk – a gap in transmission seems highly likely. But how big will that gap be? Will there be fewer episodes transmitted this calendar year than any other when the show’s been on air? (That looks likely.)”

Showrunner, Steven Moffat, previously stated that Doctor Who will be “back in the Autumn for a long run. I will just say; it will be at least 14 episodes. We always do 14, because we do the Christmas special as well.”

In the long wait for broadcast, why not dig out those DVDs and console yourself with The Romans, The Eleventh Hour, or, if you will, The Twin Dilemma…?


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7 Responses to Series 7 Hits the Ground Running!

  1. avatar James says:

    I hope the speculation that Mark Williams is playing Rory’s dad is right! Though presumably they’d have to create some plot hole filler to explain why he wasn’t the wedding…?

    I’m thinking like…
    Rory: “Oh hi dad, me and Amy are here for tea – oh hey remember that time you were too ill to attend my wedding day? Anyway, hobnob, anyone?”

    By the way, filming wasn’t at the Pond residence. :)

    • avatar Philip says:

      Yeah, I did wonder what they’d do about the wedding. Like when Wilf wasn’t at Donna’s (first) wedding. “Spanish flu” indeed.

      You’re right; it doesn’t look much like the Pond’s place, but it’s filmed in the same place, apparently: Church Road, Penarth.

      • avatar James says:

        Oh, forgive me if I’m wrong, then. :)
        I just looked at the house exterior pics – maybe the interior of the Pond residence is a different location to the exterior?

        • avatar Philip Bates says:

          I think you might be right, actually. :) These are probably for interior shots.

          • avatar Philip Bates says:

            Yeah, I think you’re right. A resident, Grace Jenkins, posted this on Twitter: “Rory and Amy Pond’s wedding photos are now on my living room wall and will be all weekend as they’re filming Monday.”

            FYI; I think they used a different house on the same street for Craig’s place in ‘Closing Time,’ fact fans.

  2. avatar Stlshawn says:

    I waited, seven, and then nine years for new who,,, any filming is good filming.

    By 2001, if they would have just filmed McGann in costume reading the weather report for eastern Bolivia, I would have bought the video.

    Yay!! More who!!!

  3. avatar Si says:

    Well, bearing in mind that the least episodes we’ve had in a calendar year is the three we had in 2009…I think we’ll get more than that this year. ;)

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