Doctor Who News John Guilor (left) voices the First Doctor, alongside Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Katherine Mount

Published on February 12th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

John Guilor IS the Doctor(s)!

John Guilor (left) voices the First Doctor, alongside Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Katherine Mount

John Guilor (left) voices the First Doctor, alongside Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Katherine Mount.

You know, all sorts of things are going on over at BBC Worldwide, regardless of what their current assigned name for 2|extinct 2|entertain might be.

After all, you never know when they might be reconstructing lost episodes of Doctor Who… or even rebuilding heavily edited serials such as Planet of the Giants, the 1964 story that was cut down from four to three parts. Of course restoring such material would prove difficult without at least animations or still photos and a surviving cast, particularly if the material excised was trashed.

Well, it just so happens that a project is underway to make those very changes. An excellent voice actor called John Guilor is playing the role of William Hartnell’s First Doctor while Katherine Mount appears as Barbara Wright; meanwhile William Russell and Carole Ann Ford reprised their original roles for the story.

Now you might think that this is a one off; that there isn’t much else to work with. But then again if we consider the sudden downing of tools by YouTube Who-Anime genius Otaking and the news that Ian Levine has been producing his own reconstructions then it should come as no surprise to anyone to learn that Mr Guilor is in demand at BBC Worldwide’s Consumer Products division.

At the very least, John Guilor has recorded lines as the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton for a special feature on the upcoming DVD release of The Krotons, while he is also believed to have recorded dialogue as the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker and the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann in a Levine-funded production of The Eight Doctors; there’s no reason to suppose he didn’t do the First and the Fourth either (although it is thought that Sylvester McCoy recorded the Seventh Doctor’s lines)!

This is clearly a very talented man. While we don’t expect to see his work any time soon, his showreel is fascinating.

(With thanks to Gareth)


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12 Responses to John Guilor IS the Doctor(s)!

  1. avatar Brian Stainsby says:

    So, the twelve doctors for the 50th anniversary anyone?

    • It’s certainly raised a few eyebrows…

  2. avatar Anthony Peterson says:

    His Tom Baker is flawless!! The Hartnell on the other hand…

    • avatar Jack Gee says:

      I agree with Brian S. I think his Hartnell is STUNNING. The Gerald Harper is surprisingly good too. I’d swear that actually is Tom (from 1978 perhaps ?!) and that’s got to be Darrow himself, surely ?! As a huge McGoohan fan I can safely say that this is the first time I have heard an attempt at the great man’s tones – although the weakest of the impersonations in the clip, I must admit that in parts he really did nail it. I had never heard of John Guilor before now, but after a swift Google I did turn up some interesting bits and bobs and he appears to be an extremely talented voice actor indeed. A full season of first Doctor audios with Guilor and Carole Ann Ford in pre-An Unearthly Child adventures would go down well I think. With every Hartnell companion save for the beautiful Jacqueline Hill still with us, I think BIG FINISH could put together a nice little bumper box set for the 50th anniversary and give us Hartnell fiends a feast !

      • avatar Elden says:

        Jacqueline Hill is not the only companion of Hartnell’s to have passed away. Adrienne Hill who played Katarina and Michael Craze who played Ben are both gone also. :(

        But stories with Barbara could be done considering that like Hartnell she has been recast for Planet of the Giants. Though unlike John Guilor there are no available clips of her impression online. :(

  3. avatar Krumstets says:

    How about recasting the sixties Doctor’s and Companions then re-filming all the episodes up until 1969?

    In Black and white of course with slightly better special and visual effects.

    All we need is some money…and er… commitment.

    Any seriously rich people out there willing to stump up the cash?

  4. avatar Brian Simms says:

    The Hartnell ????? I thought that was the flawless one. It genuinely sent shivers down my spine listening to it. Big Finish should really be made aware of this guy – can you imagine a full cast season of first Dr stories ?!

  5. avatar Silvia says:

    I completely agree! I met John Guilor recently on a film set, he’s a really nice guy, but also, his Doctors voices are even better in person. I was a pest and asked him, and he spoke like Tom baker for the rest of the day, practically, lolol
    I wish he was invited to the conventions, he’d be great fun! and maybe Big Finish would see that there’s plenty fans willing to read first Dr stories :)

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  8. avatar Matt says:

    How anyone can say that is a good Hartnell totally floors me. It is very poor! An excellent Avon, a good Tom Baker (though a bit similar to Gerald Harper) and a reasonable McGoohan.
    No offence meant, but I speak as I find.

  9. avatar Viv says:

    I found THIS !

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