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Published on January 13th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Skinner on the Doctor Who Movie

Crazy old David Yates. It wasn’t enough to calmly and carefully guide the Harry Potter franchise towards its final destination. He had to go and upset the Internet with his wild idea that this Doctor Who thing he’s heard the kids talking about on their fag breaks (they are over 18 folks) might make a good movie if it abandoned all that pesky continuity… or at least make a shed load of cash.

Geronimo - Eleventh Doctor Who in The End of TimeSo who put this wacky idea in his head?

i09 have been chatting to Doctor Who’s new lady Executive Producer Caroline Skinner (The Fades) about The Announcement of Nothing that sent the already nervously challenged Internet into a frenzy.

Turns out, the mere whisper of a hint of a possibility was nothing more than David Yates expressing an interest in possibly, maybe directing a Doctor Who movie after speaking to Jane Tranter – BBC Worldwide’s Executive VP of Programming and Production who has been stateside since 2009 drumming up interest in developing top quality drama and comedy in the US… and Torchwood: Miracle Day.

“Who knows what will happen with the Doctor Who movie? I think that obviously, [David Yates] had been talking with Jane [Tranter] about the possibility of it. I think that if a Doctor Who movie ever happens, that’s something that will be done hand-in-hand with Steven [Moffat] and the production team. But any movie’s a very, very long way off.”

So there’s confirmation at least that the thing that could possibly happen with out Steven Moffat and the Production Crew or occur some time soon is still not happening any time soon regardless of Moffat’s involvement.

Calm and order have been restored to the Internet…kind of…not really…well at least the new executive can’t see a movie existing without the involvement of the current production team.


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

2 Responses to Skinner on the Doctor Who Movie

  1. avatar STLShawn says:

    We have reached a point in time where the amazing technologies and pure talent of those creating the new series of Doctor Who are truly creating a product better than most science fiction movies.

    It really does not matter by which standard you choose to compare new DW to theatrical releases, it is simply in most cases superior. Doctor Who excels in writing of dialogue and plotting, effects, acting (primary and guest roles), sound design, music, and any other criteria to a level Hollywood is simply unable to match all at once.

    Let’s take a moment and look at some of the most popular scifi and fantasy movies that I have actually seen in the last two years, and see how they stack up to what’s creating on a shoestring budget in Cardiff.

    The Green Lantern. I believe this is a typically successful movies in the science fiction/ action section of the local DVD rental space. It is a great examples of big budget comic-con darling. The story is rushed and the characters never fully developed due to the time limitations. Dialogue is weak at best and feature the hero trying desperately to create that one tag line that people will remember. Although it’s been a few months since I’ve seen it, i remember most the CGI monsters and heroes that seem to have been made with the same with the same software that creates most DW monsters. It is a rather fun romp, but is missing the level of writing that DW enjoys every week.

    Transformers. The most successful sci-fi of the last few years. It’s fast paced, in your face, and has massive CGI robots fighting massive CGI robots. Ideal eye candy for the attention deficit masses. The stories are not bad, but they seem to all race to the next massive battle scene. Any good dialogue and acting was lost to the general clutter of the machine battles. Doctor Who in this pattern would be a mess, the best bits would be completely lost.

    X-Men. An actually rather well written series of movies that seems care about dialog and storyline. The first movie was so well played by Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, and Patrick Stewart. The pacing was perfect, the effects were not over powering, and you actually cared about what happened to the characters. If DW did get the Hollywood treatment, this is the only group of movies that i hope it takes a general tone from. Ian McKellan as the master anyone?

    Star Trek 2009. One of the movies that I most looked forward to in the last few years. Although a bit rushed, it could afford to be. It assumed we knew the characters a bit and would just hop on board, and it was correct. It did get the hollywood sci-fi treatment a bit with the shaky camera, the streaking light effects (see Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol and the scenes inside the ship), and the quick cutting back and forth between characters a bit too much. It did take time in spots for some character development, but for the most part was a quick caffeine fueled jump through the trek universe.

    So where’s the connections in all these (except X-Men).
    - Quick shots, never letting the camera linger on anyone more than a full second.
    - Quick dialogue
    - shaking camera battle scenes
    - Massive CGI that the Mill could have produced easily
    - small bits of attempted comedy sprinkled around (usually a bit lewd humor)
    - undeveloped characters and an undeveloped love interest

    So how would Doctor Who be handled in this realm? There’s always a chance that it would survive mostly in tact given the care and treatment that they gave X-Men. It’s only chance would be to have a producer with full control that fully understands the nuance of Doctor Who. There is a subtlety that even the experts get wrong sometimes, a general atmosphere that is difficult to create, understand and almost impossible to explain to others.

    It is a magic created in Cardiff every week, a product of the people and collective imagination of a cold, foggy, mysterious land that can be appreciated by people all over the world.

  2. avatar The Wardster says:

    I agree with the above. Though everything you listed is bad sci fi.(Apart from X-men, but I dont really consider that Sci-Fi, it is but you know what I mean/its more comic book fantasy to me). Dont get me wrong reboots can work. Rise of the planet of the apes. Battlestar Galactica, Batman Begins all very good. Though the last good sci-fi movie in my opinion, was Moon (which of course was an indie flick not megabucks hollywood, so the director/writers relied of plot/dialogue/intrigue, not explotions and Megan Fox’s perfect arse.)

    Ok. We do have prometheus to look forward to.. (but only because Ridley Scott is at the helm!) and maybe the reboot to Totall Recall (though thats more a remake?).. but I do await with baited breath.

    Theres been very little good sci-fion our screens for years(from hollywood atleast). Surely sci-fi allows us tackle problems and explore motiffs we’re facing in our world today, or find dificult discussing. It shouldnt be an excuse to have lots of big explosions and give us the same boring three act, box ticking, crowd pleasing crap they keep spoon feeding us with..except with lasers or blue thunder cats that seem to involve themselves in beastiality (yes im on about them weird tail things which they like inserting into animals to bond did evolution make that happen? Then they seem to have the lifestyle and philosophy of native americans – how far across the universe did they go to get unobtainium? could Cameron not be arsed to make up a decent name for this Mcguffin, or perhaps through in some aliens that werent more human than the humans? Biggest movie of all time, just shows you how easily pleased people are… seriously the porno parody version is better sci-fi)..I digress..

    I had no problem with the look to star trek (in fact it looked great, the colours the sets, loved spock and scotty), but sci-fi wise it was a load of crap. Poor writing. (Was there nobody, who had been in starfleet for years, closer inline to being captain? it made no sense kirk being made captain,when people would have trained all there lifes for that job none at all, why do they need to establish a seperate alternate time line, which itself is a paradox.. they dont care about their original audience, thats why… they just want it popular..).

    Transformers, so much to rip into..amazing special effects but thats all. The first one was only just bareable but mostly due to Megans arse.

    I think all we need to do, is take a good look at Robert Downey Jnr’s Sherlock. They have taken a great quintessentially english character and popularised him for the american audiences and of course holmes is played by a bloke women swoon over… its not holmes, not the slightest(in what universe is victorian london like that) Ritchie should stick to making cheap cockney gangster movies… Now on the other hand what about the Gran Moff(et)’s and Gatis’s Sherlock, amazing, well written, stays true to the characters/source material and holmes is actually a detective..but this is because a bunch of dickheads in vein of Simon Cowell are not running the show.. looking into their wallets and seeing how they can maximise their profits by making it as bland and crowd pleasing as possible. Instead the BBC opts for great drama as in the end this will be what we remember.

    Im upset of the idea of hollywood getting there claws into the/our doctor. Can you imagine what they would do with him? Its not worth thinking of. I can see the reps/producers mulling this over, “I like this Doctor guy, but when will we see the tittys and explosions, we need more of them”. The result would not be our Doctor and could tarnish our beloved show. They had one episode of the Mcgann doctor and subsequent writers have had to retcon and figure out why The Doctor said “im half human on my mothers side”. One episode(or TV movie). Imagine what dire atrocious acts of treason they would commit against The Doctor if handed the rights for a film? A red white and blue tardis with stars on it?

    I could never understand RTD and jane tranter(the producer that wanted the woman who covers her face in “the end of time” specials to be the doctors mother? wtf?) obcession with the states. Well they got their american dream with that awfull rebooted torchwood, (which was quite a good show before they raped it infront of our eyes)

    Like the dude above says. The bbc, the moff, the gatis all treat the doctor, with lots of respect, and deliver the best sci-fi around. There is nothing current that delivers anything as close to DW, American greedy film makers will just bend the doctor over and milk his ass for dollars then throw it on the garbage heap till it becomes popular again.

    My rant has calmed somewhat.. I feel the need to make my summary..

    All the Doctor who fans would have been right erm.. behind Yates, if he had treated the doctor, RTD & Moff with a bit of respect. How would it need a serious overhaul? Perhaps, currently the biggest TV show in britian, watched by millions, longest running show, richest history.

    The Doctor is our baby. If a movie is to be made (which we do not need. as each episode is better than most hollywood blockbusters) Then let it be made hand in hand with the current showrunners.

    PS if anyone wants to offer me a job as a sci-fi critic, i will accept.

    PPS If anyone finished reading this, thank you.

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