Doctor Who News Miranda Hart (C) BBC - Photographer: BBC

Published on January 5th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Production on Doctor Who Kicks Off!

It’s started. New, fresh, exciting, breath-taking Doctor Who has started production. One simple Tweet (that’s an entry in Twitter if you don’t do the whole Social Networking thing) from Producer Marcus Wilson has revealed all:

[blackbirdpie url="!/themarcuswilson/status/154329534831927296"]

And now all we have to do is play the waiting game for a few more months than usual and we can all get our yearly dose of Doctor Who. Considering the episodes that are being finalised now will more than likely become part of the show’s anniversary celebrations, there’s plenty of reason to get excited even if things are at an early stage!

Miranda Hart (C) BBC - Photographer: BBC

Could Miranda Hart be appearing in Doctor Who? (Image credit: BBC)

Whilst production starts, casting rumours are rife and one name that apparently keeps coming back to the world of Doctor Who is that of Miranda Hart. Star of her own comedy show Miranda on BBC One and soon to be making her serious drama debut in the BBC series Call The Midwife, Hart has been rumoured to have turned down a role in Doctor Who before but is now, apparently, being looked at again.

However, this is all conjecture at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by the BBC or by Steven Moffat, Matt Smith or anyone and, as always, should be taken with a pinch of very salty salt.

Word on the old Interweb seems to be that Hart is being eyed up as a potential replacement companion once Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill leave the TARDIS in the new series of Doctor Who. However what would seem more likely is that she will guest star in one or two episodes if she appears at all.

What do you think? Would Miranda Hart be a smart choice to appear alongside the Eleventh Doctor or would you rather that she stuck to her own shows?


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8 Responses to Production on Doctor Who Kicks Off!

  1. avatar Simon says:

    Jesus, they’re shooting a full two months earlier than they said?! I better get my pitch off to studios, then.

    • avatar britchick says:

      I don’t think it means they’re shooting yet, just prepping for now. script read through, costume checks, set-dressing etc etc

  2. avatar Krumstets says:

    Would love to see Miranda as a regular in the show. As long as she doesn’t try to recreate her persona from her comedy act that would work.
    She can act and Who could show off what else she is capable of.

  3. I wouldn’t normally do this, but the following is the META description for this post which follows the listing on Google. I add this for search engine purposes, and try hard to make them witty…

    She’s known for her Sylvester McCoy-esuqe telegraphed pratfalls and Tom Baker-style straight-to-camera delivery – in fact, it’s a wonder that …

  4. avatar Gruff says:

    Please none of the to camera crap. Never found her very funny – if we were to have another female comedian as a regular then Shappi or Sarah Millican would be far more preferable in my opinion.

  5. avatar Jazzy1969 says:

    What is it with “fans” and ‘new female’ regulars in the show ! When Billy Piper was cast back in 2004 fans all over the place were “up in arms” over the casting, yet she proved to be one of the most enduring companions of the revived series. The same thing happened again when Catherine Tate was cast and now here we are with rumours of another new female lead and off we go again ! Why not 1st find out if the rumours are true and IF they are, give the girl a chance to prove what she can do befor passing judgement ?

  6. avatar Patch says:

    My family and I would be delighted to see Miranda Hart in Dr Who. She is an exceptionally talented lady, no matter what she does.

  7. avatar Gemini71 says:

    My wish list for actresses who are right for Doctor Who’s new companion:
    Linzey Cocker
    Charlie May-Clark
    Kerrie Hayes
    Sacha Parkinson
    Shannon Tarbet
    Sophie McShera
    Jessica Brown-Findlay
    Angela Holmes
    Hannah Steele

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