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Published on January 27th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

No More Torchwood?

Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood: Miracle DayWant more Torchwood on television? Well then you’re out of luck for the foreseeable future!

With Miracle Day now a distant memory, we await more adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper with our fingers crossed… despite National Television Awards nominations for the show’s stars.

Although a ratings winner on the BBC and for the US channel Starz, there are definitely no plans for a new series in 2012 and no rumours of one in 2013 either. But then again, Torchwood is the younger cousin of Doctor Who and what with the fiftieth anniversary taking place next year, anything could happen.

One such hopeful, is Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper. Although she’s heard nothing from the show’s creators, the actress remain hopeful that something will happen:

“John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.”

But what format would new Torchwood take? Having gone from a thirteen part structure like Doctor Who, the show quickly found that a linking narrative over less episodes worked better for it. Will we be treated to more of the same or will yet another new style be used for the Torchwood team?

The next logical step would be a big theatrical movie release all over the world but that’d be asking too much surely.

Wouldn’t it?



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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

31 Responses to No More Torchwood?

  1. avatar daniel says:

    I cant see Starz coming back to it.

    Children of Earth shows that with focus it can be done well.

    Do you know what i would do though – Torchwood the TV Movie…

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    I don’t think a Torchwood movie (as in big cinema) release would work. I simply don’t think that there is a large enough audience for any movie studio (and a studio of some stripe would have to be involved to release it) would deem it a justified expense. I think the best bet would be COE type format, with the BBC taking sole production responsibilities again. RTD and Julie Gardner as executive producers, and NO US production partnership. It wouldn’t have to be a huge budget affair either, just a well written, well made, further addition to the Torchwood saga, the kind of approach that made it great to begin with.

  3. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    I think we’ll be seeing Torchwood again, though the stakes won’t simply be for the fate of Humanity.

  4. avatar Krumstets says:

    Torchwood needs a good rest after the confused and at times , badly acted Children Of Earth.
    The big budget was blown on a story that relied on so many clichés and sub X-Files storylines.
    Give it a rest and come back when a proper more up to date storyline is hammered out.

  5. avatar farsighted99 says:

    Huh? Children of Earth was the best.Torchwood.ever. I think you’re mistaking it for Miracle Day, which wasn’t the most memorial.

    I think they should bring it back to Wales and go back to the smaller stories. I really like Torchwood, but I think it works better in a smaller world.

    RTD has a tendency to big everything up, trying to outdo his last series. Torchwood works better on smaller scale. At least TMO…

  6. avatar Cat says:

    Sorry, I have no interest in a movie of what “Torchwood” has become. I absolutely adored the first two seasons, but found the 5-part stories badly wriiten and just painful to watch. I kept hoping they would redeem themselves, but unless we get a return of the “classic” Torchwood, please just let the show rest in peace.

  7. avatar ericadawn16 says:

    I will watch anything with the Torchwood name although I haven’t seen the motion comic with Miracle Day because I’m lazy. However, I would love a movie to explore more of the world. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be an exact follow-up…or actually, what I would love would be a story similar to the Jude Watson Star Wars novels where something in the past affects the future but we get to see all of those beloved characters, alive and dead like Harriet and Gerald, Emily and Alice, or even Owen, Tosh, Ianto, Suzie and Jack before Gwen showed up.

    The main thing is that if you create a character that we like and empathize with, you DON’T have to kill them! I’d like a Torchwood with a much lower death toll for characters. Yes, I’m a wuss who enjoys YA literature.

  8. avatar Alix says:

    I wouldn’t watch a Torchwood theatrical release. I liked 1 and 2 and some of 3. 4 was not watchable to me. They’ve dragged it through every possible incarnation. I don’t need closure, I’d prefer that they just drop it before it morphs into something even more unrecognizable. RTD killed Torchwood character by character, now it needs to rest in peace. That said I wouldn’t say no to seeing Captain Jack on Dr. Who again some day.

  9. avatar TinaT says:

    Please no more Torchwood. Let it rest in peace. It was on it’s best in the first two seasons, when the show was not afraid to be a bit campy and you had the feeling that they didn’t mind laughing about their own silliness at some times. Then at some point Mr.Davies must have decided to turn this show into serious drama and with that it came crashing down. Children of Earth was terrible. The plot holes so big the Daleks could have pulled a few planets through them. Example? There’s an alien, that has been there before and back then wanted the wipe out the human race with an virus if they won’t deliver 12 children. Now it’s back what would you do? Build it a nice glass tank in the middle of Westminster, right in the middle of one of Europe’s biggest cities? Blow up the only organization around that might have the weapons and/or knowledge to stop them. I get that they wanted Jack out of the picture, but they could have just snatched him at the hospital and dumped him into concrete and then make Torchwood work for them. Seriously, I grew gray hair about those five episodes. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Miracle Day comes around and tops it all. I still wonder how a show that had interesting characters-played by very good actors like Naoko Mori or Gareth David-Lloyd, set in a city I haven’t seen in every second show out there (like London or L.A.), turned into the most boring and wooden thing I have seen in the last decade. To me Torchwood will always be Jack, Ianto, Tosh and Owen keeping Cardiff Weevil and sports car stealing Blowfish free, while Myfanwy the Pterodactyl fights his chocolate addiction in the sewer chic Hub. The only way to get me to watch Torchwood again would be to fix things and bring back this show. The only character I wouldn’t miss is Gwen.

  10. avatar ChrisL says:

    For me Torchwood was very inconsistent and seemed to have no proper direction or underlying philosophy.
    The weekly series varied from very good to pretty poor, but when ‘Children of Earth’ came along with it’s five consecutive days format I thought it had finally come of age. ‘Children of Earth’ was a fabulous story and the intensity of being shown over such a short period of time worked incredibly well. This, in my opinion, was how the show’s future should have unfolded but the decision to seek out the Yankee dollar, with ‘Miracle Day’, proved to be it’s undoing.
    The show lost its unique identity and became just another generic sci-fi programme with a dodgy script, poor acting and a complete lack of believability.

    I don’t fancy the prospect of a Torchwood movie but if they returned to a similar format as ‘Children of Earth’ it could possibly save itself from obscurity.

  11. avatar ChrisL says:

    Forgot to say… I fully expect (indeed hope) to see Capt. Jack play some part in the 50th year celebration episodes, unless Steven Moffat’s obsession with removing RTD’s entire Whoniverse from existence proves just too strong to allow it.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be too upset to see Capt. Harness spend a period of time as a temporary companion once again. The interaction between him and River Song would be potentially explosive… I’d love to see them fighting over The Doctor’s attentions :-)

  12. avatar valeriep says:

    I would love to see more classic Torchwood..The Doctor said, ‘Time can be re-writen.’ Bring back Tosh, Owen, Ianto and\Cardiff. aS FOR cOe if an awameur writer had perpetrated that idiocy they woul have been laughed to scorn for the plotholes and loss of charater.MD was just silliness.

    Torchwood was populr for a reason. Please give us it back.

  13. avatar Maude says:

    When are bloggers and the like going to stop calling MD a ‘ratings winner.’ Is it still too painful to admit. The ratings were very poor in almost every comparison. For the BBC it was amongst the lowest, if not the lowest ranking BBC One drama of 2012. It achieved an average of less than 5m, a low average for BBC One drama anyway but one which was bolstered by the high figure achieved for episode one. Towards the end of it’s run it was actually only achieving around 3.5m, a record low for primetime BBC one and the sort of figures you’d expect to see on BBC2. In comparison, series four of Merlin which aired just a few weeks after Torchwood finished achieved a 7.29 million average. I can’t help thinking that if RTD had followed Merlin EPs, Ryan Murphy and Johnny Capp’s example, Torchwood might be where Merlin is now, looking forward to series 5 with a huge following and no controversy. Merlin may not be high drama or innovative, but it is a show which knows what it is and is not afraid to make fun of itself. Maybe we should congratulate RTD for trying to do something big, but it didn’t work out and as a result Torchwood is no more.

    • When are bloggers and the like going to stop calling MD a ‘ratings winner.’ Is it still too painful to admit. The ratings were very poor in almost every comparison.

      The statement in the article “although a ratings winner” was a generalisation of the entire run Torchwood on the BBC. I also think its fair to describe it as a ratings winner on the largely-unvisited Starz.

  14. avatar Em says:

    Torchwood was the most inconsistent show I ever loved. Had it not been for the interesting “secondary” characters, I’d have given up on it. RTD’s lack of a show bible really hurt the series overall, and having guest writers dictate the direction of the show was either lazy or stupid.

    I think the show has said more than it needed to say. It really stopped being Torchwood after the second season. COE was the nail in the coffin. MD was barely recognizable as Torchwood. It’s time to let it go.

  15. avatar kirri jones says:

    Torchwood ended two seasons ago, what we have had since then has been a slide down a slippery slope into a yawning (in every sense of the word) chasm.
    There is little to be gained by flogging a dead horse, and Torchwood is dead.
    No idea why a writer would want to purposely destroy one of his creations, but RTD has managed it…….
    And yes, I agree, it was NOT a ratings success- tacking rubbish onto a decent series and giving the whole thing a blanket “ratings success” label fools no -one.
    Very few people are interested in Gwenwood, outside of RTD that is, so a movie?

  16. avatar Jay Beu says:

    Ugh… No more Gwenwood/Touchwood/MarySuewood/RTDFantasyland!!! RTD did great with the first 4 series of (new) Doctor Who and though series 1 TW was shaky and childish (“Random Shoes”… I skip it on the DVD everytime) series 2 was much better and there was great potential for character growth… if only RTD had used it. All he cared about was Gwen and how everything had to revolved around her in some way. Then CoE completely ruined what was becoming a great show (and the death toll was in the 100′s, which was just plain S.T.U.P.I.D). The plot holes were too much for such a short show, the characters were very OOC (um, so Gwen in the space of a very short time became Warrior Woman? With a womb made of steel? Jack was a total d**k to his lover and was the most incompetent leader ever? “Let’s go yell stupid things at the aliens!”? Ianto was whiny AND he lost the car?) HAHAHA!). I saw the promos and a few clips of MD… Rest in pieces Torchwood, because your daddy killed ya!

  17. avatar Jo says:

    RTD killed Torchwood. He killed the likeable characters and promoted his own Mary Sue, Saint Gwen.

    The show died on Day 4 with Ianto. Miracle Day does not count as Torchwood; it was a travesty of what was once a quirky, campy hit show, loved by one of the wIdest ranging sci fi audiences ever.

    Let it go, RTD. Stop flogging a dead horse for the sake of fans and casual viewers alike.

  18. avatar Sandysan says:

    Torchwood, as I came to know and love it, ended with season 2. The great ensemble cast, the quirkyscripts, and Cardiff were a treat. CoE was so full of plot holes I ached for the actors, but it seemed like the end. It should have been because resurrected as MD it became a ridiculous thing, unworthy of any connection to the first two series. I’m a huge fan of Torchwood and would only watch any further madness if it were available for free. Even then I’d give it all the attention MD deserved from me – not much. I’d just be curious about how bad it could get. I know RTD have unexplored levels of “wrongness” in him. So yeah i’d be curious, but only for free.

    • avatar Georgie says:

      I wouldn’t watch anything from RTD now even if it was for free, he pays me, and there is a gun pointed to my head.

      CoE was hours of my life I would never get back.

  19. avatar Lizabeth S. Tucker says:

    I truly loved the first three seasons of Torchwood. I even enjoyed Children of Earth despite the death of Ianto taking away the impact of Jack killing his grandson to save the planet. Well, and the death of Ianto. I actually watched COE before ever watching the original episodes.

    However, I absolutely hated Miracle Day. I wound up recording it just so I could fast forward thru the crap to watch John Barrowman, Tom Price, and Kai Owens. I will admit that I’ve never been a fan of Gwen, even in the beginning, but this was as much as case of poor/overblown writing combined with the “guest star of the night”.

    RTD needs someone to hold the leash (and muzzle whenver the press is nearby) to keep him in control. No one did this time and it shows.

    My vote? No more Torchwood. Or if it ever does come back, take it home to Wales and get someone who knows the series to control it.

  20. avatar Barb says:

    Torchwood is dead, finished, done, end of the line, never to return…get it. RTD in his chase for the American audience has killed the show. I wish all the actors success in the future ventures, but there’s nothing left for them with Torchwood.

    • avatar Vanessa says:

      Its a sad day for Torchwood fans and does leave some loose ends that should really have been tidied up first.

      • avatar TinaT says:

        True but when I look back all I see are unfinished stories and I can’t help but wonder if there simply isn’t too much to be wrapped up. Stories like Owen’s “king of the weevils” went puff when all it led to was that he went to Turnmill instead of Tosh and Ianto and died there. That’s just so unsatisfying. Torchwood has always been like that, they drop a interesting story arc as soon as something new and shiny pops up in their head. Sorry, I can’t sugarcoat it, that’s simply not good writing. I think the last straw for many fans was CoE though. In two ways, first of course Ianto, a character that had some many hints placed here and there that there was more to him then… well the boring ending we got? But also the destruction of Torchwood. Torchwood is a British thing, fonded by Queen Victoria herself. For international stuff we’ve got UNIT. And to be honest, before I watch Gwen and a Jack that is no longer the Jack I loved, run around the USA playing FBI, there are other questions I would have liked an answer for. What happened to Cardiff and the Rift? I mean the Hub and the Rift Manipulator getting blown up? Me thinks that must have had some consequence. There’s the Radio Play that closes the Rift (damage control by TPTB?), but in an earlier Radio Play a girl from the future gets send through the very same Rift by a Torchwood 3 that has learned to control the Rift by then. So sorry but it can’t be closed at all. What about Torchwood 2 up in Glasgow? Torchwood 4 where ever that went? What about Grey? Was he killed in the explosion or just “defrosted” to run amok again? Where was the Queen in all of this. I think after CoE there would have been two ways to “fix and continue” Torchwood. 1: Rebuild with a new, likable, team in Cardiff and improve your writing. And 2: Take the show to America but with a story that fixes a few things. Like, bring a character back as a surprise twist. Ianto would probably be the most logical one. And in the end bring Torchwood back to Wales and let does boring US characters be forgotten. The end is were we start from and all that.

        To be honest. I’m (was?) a huge fan, even flew all the way to Cardiff to visit “Torchwood”, but even I would rather see it remain dead. It has lost it’s spark. And I have lost me trust that a S5 or a movie would actually wrap up the past and make it enjoyable again. They’ll will just come up with the next bigger and better story that leaves the viewers with nothing more then new plot holes and a bad taste. Most fanfiction out there is much more satisfying then was canon Torchwood had to offer since season 2.

  21. avatar Georgie says:

    Unlike novels or even short films, television series is an unique medium where while the show creator still wield the terrible power to wreck it, as seen here, its success and the character of the show itself depends greatly on actor contribution, writers of the week, the people who cast the guest stars, and where the set or puppet or computer graphic is distinctive, the crew as well.

    The greater show, with the richest stories and characters, have wonder actors and show creators that respected them. Characters are less cardboard when you let the actors bring their own stuff in, be it as simple as a geographical background, or a hobby.

    RTD’s problem is that he’s a half-assed control freak. He’ll be happier as a comic book artist if he’ll learn how to draw or even if he had the patience to write out story after story after story. Instead, he have this space opera in his head, it might even be brilliant, but he doesn’t stick around to guide it. Torchwood S1-2 was left mostly to OTHER writers and actor discretion, and it spawned this fresh beautiful beast, but one so different from what RTD had dreamed that he had it put down.

    Everyone would have been better off if RTD weren’t such a control freak AND if he haven’t been half assed about it. If he wanted Gwenwood, he should have micromanaged from the start. If he didn’t like the way Torchwood have turned out, he should have /cut it loose/. Kill off the unpopular Gwen character or put her on a bus, hand the series fully over to someone else. Take the Eve actress and start ANOTHER series centered on her, with the good name he had earned with the Torchwood series.

    After Buffy ended, Joss used the good name he earned on the Buffy series to start another one starring Eliza Dushku, The Doll House. It was very different from Buffy and sadly it was cancelled in one year by the network, but it does have a cult following, some Buffy fans, so me new. Most notably, the Buffy fandom is not out for Joss’s blood over Dollhouse.

  22. avatar Jay says:

    RTD wants to be Joss Whedon… so bad. But he’s NOT Joss Whedon and needs to accept that. I mean, look at “Firefly” alone. Even today its fandom is begging for more. “Buffy” spawned “Angel”, a GREAT example of a spin-off that many fans liked more than the parent show. “Dollhouse”, as pointed out, lasted a short time but was a GREAT show (like “Firefly”). RTD only wishes he were that good a showrunner. Yes, Joss kills off well-loved characters but it’s not simply for the sake of trying to make his pet character the most liked. Death in Joss’ mind serves a real purpose; it’s not to glorify another character. RTD needs to do everyone and himself a favor and stop trying to make “adult sci-fi”. Stick to comedy and soaps and leave the sci-fi to REAL directors/showrunners.

    • avatar TinaT says:

      Exactly. One of the big problems with RTD is that he thinks “too big” when he produces what he calls “drama”. Example? Steven’s death. Apart from being disgusting it is also totally pointless, because the character is pointless. There was never a hint that Jack had a daughter and a grandson, those characters where totally new to the fans, yet they’re only there to be broken and killed. For drama, not for a good story. Steven was killed for the same reason the sex scenes where in Miracle Day. Not to move the audience, only to have a “omg look at that” moment. That’s writing on it’s lowest level, it’s like watching a TV show with footage of deadly car accidents. Imagine a story like this: Insert a little scene early on in which Jack realizes that Clement got away in 1965. Clement is also not a poor soul in a home for mentally ill people, he actually had some lucky in his life(Jack pulling a few strings) and is now a rich but a bit too much “I want to believe” guy. The return of the 456 pulls him back into the story and in the end he’s the key to destroy the aliens. Jack has to sacrifice the only “child” he could save back then. Makes a lot more sense then a cute little boy calling him “uncle Jack” turning out of nowhere, don’t you think? Plus a story like that would put Jack through a lot of heartbreak but wouldn’t turn him into something I don’t want to see on a family show like Doctor Who again.

      • avatar Georgie says:

        Nice idea Tracy, but I think the problem with the 456 storyline is the 456, they are stupid and doesn’t fit together: many a times I’m convinced that RTD made the commercial for COE, or the idea for the commercial first, what would look cool in it, like the children chanting, and then he strung together a story from that, and not well.

        456 doesn’t feel real, and they are unnecessary, because Torchwood already have a canon alien invasion threat: Season 2 Episode 2 “Sleeper”.

        Dude, Sleeper set up an alien threat where it is so insidious, they already have sleeper agents among us in preparation for a full scale invasion have stated they were waiting for.

        I think RTD was going for mass paranoia when he turned the children into chanting automations, the problem is, it doesn’t really fit: why would the 456 do that? If they could control the children like that, why not just walk the children to the ship themselves?

        The Sleeper aliens would make more sense, because they could control people, the people that were actually their people, but so embedded in our society, Mass Paranoia, you don’t know who is who and who will start being the dangerous alien.

        If you want gov pressuring T3, you could have T2 or T1 rebuilt scolding T3 for not keeping them up to date on the “Sleeper” threat, I could so see Torchwood 3 being insular enough that they might not have filed a report on the “Sleeper” agents to the others.

        • The problem with criticism of Children of Earth is that it places traditional Torchwood fans into some sort of fringe group; the series was a critical ratings success!

  23. avatar Jay says:

    The Sleepers def should have been used instead of that stupid turkey looking thing. RTD loves to dangle interesting ideas then discard them. He needs to stop being so cocky and use a story bible. Better showrunners than he use them and oh look, their shows get RENEWED.

    • I feel this is a misguided criticism – RTD has had one show that hasn’t been renewed. None of his others had a bible either!

      For a comparable example, the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie *did* have a bible; it wasn’t picked up.

      Bibles are irrelevant in this.

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