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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Moffat Hints at Five-Oh Birthday Plans

Are you excited about the Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary? Because Steven Moffat is!

The Executive Producer has started hinting about his plans for the milestone event and he’s promising that fans are in for a real treat.

Rumours and wish lists have already started with many of us hoping that we’ll be seeing the return of old monsters, locations and most importantly past Doctors.

After all, Moffat was the one who paired up the Fifth and Tenth Doctors so who’s to say that he wouldn’t bring together all the others as well?

Steven Moffat, writer of Doctor Who and SherlockBut at this stage, nothing has been confirmed other than we’re in for one massive treat! Speaking with the Radio Times, he commented:

“There will never be a better time, I promise you…I’m saying this as a Doctor Who fan myself, and knowing a certain amount about what’s coming…for so many reasons I can’t talk about yet, there will never be a better time to be a Doctor Who fan,.”

This may be the best celebration that the Doctor has ever had, the tenth anniversary gave us The Three Doctors, the twentieth gave us The Five Doctors, the 30th gave us Dimensions in Time (ahem) and the fortieth gave us the news that the show had been re-commissioned.

As Doctor Who fans, we’ve always been given the nicest presents when it comes to the Doctor’s birthday. Rassilon alone knows what we’re going to get now that the shows back in its seat of reigning power and that it’s got a bigger budget.

It’s going to be a present that never gets boring, that’s for sure…


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4 Responses to Moffat Hints at Five-Oh Birthday Plans

  1. avatar James Kellow says:

    I cannot wait. I have been a fan of Doctor Who since 1993, when BBC2 repeated ‘old’ episodes for the 30th anniversary. I can’t remember watching any Doctor Who’s before then in the late 80s when Colin Baker was the Doctor and Syslvester McCoy after. But I do know that the first Doctor Who I remember watching was part one of the Patrick Troughton story ‘The Mind Robber;’ from 1968, in 1993. I don’t know why, but wathing it then, it unnevered me a bit. I remember that the Doctor had to try to piece Jamie’s face together. And the clockwork soldiers were a bit scary too I thought.
    Anyway, looking forward to Nov 2013. I hope that the surving actors who played the Doctor can reprise the roles for then.
    I hope that when Matt Smith does eventually leave, Benedict Cumberbatch is considered, cos’ he would make a fantastic doctor. (I’m secretly hoping that he is chosen after Matt goes!) :-)
    Fingers crossed.

  2. avatar Pete da Cald says:

    Excited and Thrilled – Can’t wait!!! Given that many Docs and companions have passed on, and others aged, let’s hope modern cg tech can somehow help us travel thru the rich history of Who – would love a season-long story where the Doctor has to travel back through his own past to find some mystery hidden there – a sort of Scrooge meets Forest Gump where current Doc and friends (and please throw in K9 as the ageless tin dog companion that helps guide the Doc with his keen computer-hound scenting Lol!) must journey via cgi insertion thru some previous Doctor’s adventures – being careful not to reveal himself to his ahem – past selves of course!!! Would be a fantastic treat for die hard fans spotting the changes “to the Doc’s known history” to well known stories with Moffats endless story telling weaving the disparate chosen scenes into whatever overall storyline they’d necessarily be a part of – such a technique is almost a given but regardless I can’t wait to see what they do and fans old and new will forever debate the significance of what were once background characters in old stories now warp/time-changed to be revealed were none other than the current Doctor and friends like River Song (she knows all the Doctors right? Perfect opportunity to “interact” with them!) and can imagine how fantastic Matt Smith and Alex Kingston will be stretching their acting chops as part of Who history in a literal sense!! Can’t wait – this will be epic!!!!

  3. avatar Simon says:

    My idea’s way better than that. Too much of just various forms of The Doctor without something new makes the whole show stale.

    Every now and then you have to be prepared to keep moving forward, not back.

  4. avatar Pete da Cald says:

    Simon what is your idea then? Share such magnificence lest the rest of us be mired in the show’s long history for an Anniversary season that’s meant to…well, celebrate the sow’s long history. :-) Seriously tho, I’m not at all suggesting just aimless and constant cameos of past Doctors – as I said, such an approach only works provided the “new” storyline is interesting enough and has a good reason for dipping back in the past. Which I think Moffat would be one of the few writers with the requisite fan knowledge of the past to weave selected past stories and segments into the current storyline that would be the focus. Many genre shows have done this (ST: Deep Space Nine’s wonderful Tribbles Trip to the past, Charmed did it a couple times (and worked surprisingly well as I recall!), and of course even mainstream Movies like the aforementioned Forest Gump – a show like Who with such a vast history and rich mythology practically begs for this to be done! And as so many other series and movies have done it, it’s not like blatant ripping off an idea, rather it’s an obligatory approach that long running shows should do for events such as a 50th Anniversary! Such things are supreme treats for hard core and long time casual fans, and of course the “Current” storyline and writing have to be of sufficient quality and interest to entice the new viewers and it can serve as an ideal “On Ramp” introduction for new viewers that otherwise might be intimidated at such a vast history.
    With the advances in CGI technology, any obstacle to having Matt Smith and friends (River Song is absolutely the companion and character that this type of romp is written for and would add much to the implied knowledge of the Doctor’s others selves, heck who’s to say with River’s access to tech that she wasn’t any number of past characters that interacted with the past Doc’s – that’s precisely what I mean – a few twirls of the pen and Steven Moffat could totally turn our notions of Who history on its heads and then some!!! The more I think about such a storyline and the ability to weave new Who in with old Who seamlessly, the more completely FanBoy-Giddy I get! Really the main obstacle would be the expense of colorizing scenes for the 2nd and 1st Doctor’s, but even that could be somewhat eased by using Two & Three Doctors footage for Patrick Troughton, leaving just William Hartnell’s Doc needing expensive colorizing. But again, the possibilities are literally endless – body doubles dressed appropriately and look alike sets combined with CG bringing together Matt Smith with his past as he tries desperately to find some exceedingly important secret tucked away in his past, a past he can’t quite remember as someone has been tampering with it and things are quite how he (we) remember them (the DVD’s!). :-) River would be along to help him out of sticky situations, always managing to flirt with each past Doctor in her uniquely coy and seductively warm way, and with Docs 4-10 still alive and well, voice work could enhance the “tweaks” to past scenes, and heck, the same CGI could even make Peter Davison or Colin Baker look younger, Tom Baker slimmer and younger and with a mop of curly hair again, and of course any number of old companions (need I say again that K9 could help sniff out the secret(s) in the Doctor’s past! – and a smattering of the best Big Bads are essential for making the fun be the absolute end all fantasy that Who Fans will be salivating for, and will pay off for being loyal fans through all these years. I really think the entire Series 8 should be a Celebration Season – hopefully a more successful take on it than Davison’s rather lackluster 20th Anniversary Season which had so much potential and fell so short. With Moffat in charge and Matt Smith in the role, I have no worries that this will be the best Anniversay ever. But rather than try to cram too much into an hour or two special, I think it should be a storyline that builds over the Series or at least the latter half or so of it, similar to the S6 “Split”. By using the whole Series, each Past Doctor could get “his” own episode to shine in. And by devoting the whole episode, there’s no need to cram or short change the past Doctor or the present storyline, companions, Big Bads, etc. There’d be plenty of time to tell a cracking good story and I’m sure Moffat will handle it well (writing his own and overseeing other writers of course) so that we get the right balance – not too much Past to where it gets dull or ridiculous, just enough to remind us why we loved each era of Who, how the current story relates to whatever scenes/stories from the past are featured and the past Doctor, companions and enemies as well.
    Seeing Matt Smith sneaking past Daleks AND his past incarnations via CG insertion into old episodes scenes would make any fan’s hearts flutter with excitement! And it could also – finally – truly allow the 8th Doctor to have some screentime. Paul McGann has stated he would come back if asked and with a good story, so no need to even haggle with Fox over using the TV Movie clips – we could instead see a section of the 8th Doctor’s adventures that we never got to see on the tele! :-)
    Obviously every fan out there will have his her preferences for how and what past aliens and enemies, companions (K9!!!) and classic scenes would be used for the 11 Doctor to slip into via CG, but obviously there will be more practical concerns for Moffat and crew including rights and other legalities, technical issues for quality and of course what could fit convincingly into the overall current storyline as the reason for the current Doctor to have to slip back into his own past and try to remain as undetcted as possible. Sends shivers all through my body just imagining the possibilities!!!
    This is of course assuming that Moffat and the BBC even go this route. It does seem the obvious and natural form that a 50th Anniversary Tribute to the past would take, and it has been done enough in other series to show the idea is not only viable but also silently demanded. And obviously the past should never overshadow the need for a coherent and exciting entertaining and thought provoking “current” storyline, but as I said, with the Producers and Production Team we have and Matt Smith as the best Doctor ever (not to mention the enigmatic and perfect for this approach character of RIver Song) I have no doubt that it will be a heart pounding Series long thrill ride where each and ever story is an instant classic.
    The only other FanBoy-esque suggestion I want to make (other than K9 of course!) is that the Opening Titles take a cue from the myriad of Fan productions on YouTube and comprise a merging of all the past visually iconic title sequences but with the addition of the Doctor’s face – missing since the classic series – but also go one step further and feature a “regeneration” sequence where each Doctor morphs into the next. Could be the most Fannish 6-8 seconds of Opening Titles ever seen in this Universe or any other. :-)
    Lengthy post, I know, but hey, it’s WHo’s 50th Birthday coming up! And it’s worth it! :-)

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