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Published on January 22nd, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

Is This Some Kind Of Bust?

Remember those chaps who made the freakishly lifelike Maxi Collector’s busts of various Doctors and so forth? Well, they’re back, and this time they’re bringing a wonderful Time Lord whom you may remember from Time Crash and three whole seasons of Classic Who.

The new addition to the Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection from Titan is a bust of  the  Fifth Doctor (that looks eerily like it’s made of cake frosting or plasticine). Now you can take home a (nowhere near to) scale model of everybody’s favourite fifth incarnation of the Doctor (1981-1984).

Cake frosting features aside, it really is quite stylish and rather well-rendered! For those with a high level of disposable income and a love of Classic Who to match, this looks like it will be the perfect piece for your mantlepiece!

The piece can be pre-ordered from ForbiddenPlanet in the UK for £49.99 (£10 less than the RRP.


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3 Responses to Is This Some Kind Of Bust?

  1. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Ooh. I love the fifth Doctor, and this looks pretty good – apart from the face. There’s just something… wrong with it.

    Maybe it’ll look better in real life?

  2. avatar Kwack says:

    The hair is someway wrong :/
    I’m waiting for the bust of Sixie :D

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    I have the first four of these released and a weeping angel. Had the others on pre order and have been emailed to say these have been cancelled as in they are not being manufactured due to low global orders. As much as I appreciate the cost of these they are well made I can’t believe I won’t be able to complete my collection. Titan merchandise you should be ashamed in letting the rest of the doctor who fans down, IT SUCKS!!!!

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