Doctor Who News A Dalek in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Published on January 25th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Eternity Clock Dalek!

A Dalek in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

A new image has been released from the forthcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock game – a Dalek!

As you can see, the variety seen here is a New Paradigm Dalek, first seen in 2010′s Victory of the Daleks. This model of Skaro’s worst has been seen in several video games, not least the first Doctor Who: The Adventure Games (City of the Daleks) and they do seem to appear much more at home in this medium…

Available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita – as well as Windows in the UK – Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is expected in March 2012 and might just drag the long series of disappointing Time Lord video games out of the doldrums.


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3 Responses to Eternity Clock Dalek!

  1. avatar Chris says:

    How are they Skaros worst model there really has been only 3 dalek models even if the prop has changed there was the ones with no slats the ones with slats and these and they are all great what is wrong with this dalek and don’t say colour because we had silver gold white and red ones so what is wrong?

    • Not sure what you mean, Chris?

  2. avatar ChrisL says:

    I’d really hoped we’d seen the last of the ‘New Paradigm’ Dalek when The Moff chose to leave them out of the previous series… seems my hopes were in vain.
    When I saw the RTD Daleks giving the New Paradigm version a good kicking at the Doctor Who experience I had started to think that maybe, just maybe, Steven Moffat had had a change of heart and was looking for a way to NOT use the fat version in future episodes. Again it seems my hope was misplaced because here they are, as mis-shapen and ugly as ever.

    I love the new deeper voice but the new shape makes them look silly and anything but scary.
    Anyway, I’m going over old ground here so I’ll stop before this becomes a rant against Steven Moffat’s new vision for the whoniverse.

    Instead I’ll put another 10th Doctor DVD in the player and watch my favourite era all over again.

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