Crash of the Elysium Tickets Now On Sale!

With advance tickets already on sale now is the time to plunge head first into the all-encompassing theatre experience; The Crash of the Elysium is Doctor Who’s first “totally dependent upon you” adventure.

Fresh from its successful run at the 2011 Manchester International Festival, The Crash of The Elysium has been revived as part of the Ip Arts Festival’s London 2012 celebrations at the New Wolsey Theatre from 15th June to 8th July.

Written by Tom MacRae (The Girl Who Waited) and pioneered by theatre wizards Punchdrunk the production places you the audience member at the heart of the action; driving the story forward in a totally unique and exciting hour-long spectacle.

As MacRae explains:

“The show is unlike anything else you have ever experienced in the world of Doctor Who. This is your story, your mission, you are the hero. Everything depends on you. If you don’t turn up, the world does not get saved.”

Expanding on their original mandate of no unaccompanied adults (the rules now are that there must be one adult per child and that they should hang back and let the children dictate the adventure), there are three different types of performances:

School performances for years 4 to 7 (ages 8 – 12) running from 10 am to 1.50 pm, family performances for ages 7 – 12 which run from 11 am to 5.50 pm most days and “After Dark” performances for ages 13+ running from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm most days.

For a comprehensive list of performance times and prices head over to the New Wolsey site.


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