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Published on January 13th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Are YOU Following Sophia Myles?

Recently Steven Moffat has suggested that Doctor Who fans start following the remarkably beautiful Sophia Myles on Twitter.


Well, he says he’ll explain later, but a certain tabloid newspaper is having none of it, claiming instead that the former Madame de Pompadour is being lined up as a permanent replacement for Karen Gillan.

Wishful thinking or an interesting old/new take on the time-interrupted companion?

Here’s the Tweet that started it all off:

[blackbirdpie url="!/steven_moffat/status/157115423849058304"]

Of course, Sophia Myles guest starred in 2006′s The Girl in the Fireplace (written by The Grand Moff) in which she had a proto-Pond relationship with “Fireplace Man” – the Doctor – who kept visiting her every few years of her life via a time window on a stricken spaceship, where clockwork men hoped to harvest her brain as a CPU…

…so there are plenty of gaps in her life where she could potentially have travelled with the Doctor.

Myles also appeared in the Thunderbirds movie as Lady Penelope and in recent years has appeared in such diverse series as Moonlight and Spooks.

It’s also worth pointing out that The Grand Moff has been Tweeting and referring to @SophiaMyles regularly in the past few weeks, so it could all be coincidence.

Then again, if she was to reprise a previous role or even if the team wanted someone familiar with the show, avoiding auditions and the subsequent spoilers that they can lead to is wise. After all, we wouldn’t want to overshadow Karen Gillan’s departure at this stage, would we?


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8 Responses to Are YOU Following Sophia Myles?

  1. avatar daniel says:

    would i follow her?

    hell yeh!

  2. avatar Ian McArdell says:

    I’m not allowed to follow her… not since the restraining order ;-)

    Seriously though, it would be great to see Sophia in Who again, preferable as a new character. She was ill served by Spooks series 9, never quite getting to shine as she was caught up in the interminable Lucas North storyline.

    Also, from twitter it’s plain to see that she’s keen to engage with the fans and has a cracking sense of humour too!

  3. avatar Rune says:

    This remindes me about on of the first comments about Karen Gillans exit from the show: “Dear Lord… Now shes going to be replaced with some blonde bridge bunny”. But thats the price she has to pay for being more populare than the main character in the show. :)

    But the Moffat/Myles connection is even older news. Just a few days before he anounced the leaving of the Ponds (to get more publicity about the Christmas Special), he and Sophia Myles discussed lunch in the beginning of 2012.

    But seriously: The only thing thats sure about Moffats “spoilers” and hints, is that hes always lying. Even when he tells the truth. So its a waste of time to try to get some sense out of this. For all that we know, it could be a role in the Easter Special their talking about. IF there is a Easter Special in 2012….

    Something thats more worrying is that it seems like Karen Gillan is having a really cold winter. Especially when it comes to Doctor Who and BBC. No mention of her apperance on Graham Norton show on either twitter from Moffat or on the official BBC Doctor Who site? When she is mentioned on the AMERICAN Doctor Who site? And she even gets “axed” in the Graham Norton show? (About 3-5 minuts of her interview thats missing). So no doubt about her exit from the show. Just hope that the first episode after her “heartbreaking end” drops a few mill in viewers. That would be extremly funny and a good way to flip off BBC. :)

  4. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I think if anything, ratings will go up without Amy as #11 seems to be even more engaging on his own. Having the lovely Sophia Myles along in the Tardis would be a huge step up though.

  5. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    I really doubt she’s be back as Pompadour though – that’s such a standalone episode it would be wrong to go back and spoil the perfect ending.

    Oh wait, Rose Tyler

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Ha ha! Yep, I was talking about Rose’s terrible reappearance earlier today, actually. I agree; The Girl in the Fireplace is too much of a stand-alone. I’d hate The Grand Moff to ‘do an RTD.’ Frankly, I have too much faith in him!

      I think it might be worth noting that Moffat does do other stuff too. It’s unlikely, yes, but maybe she’ll be in Sherlock when it comes back for a third series… because I refuse to believe that The Reichenbach Fall is the last episode ever.

  6. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    So she probably be a) the new companion,(Yawn) or b) The Rani.

  7. avatar Andrew says:

    I’ll follow Sophia Myles any day!

    Madame Pompadour did seem to know a bit about the Doctor, so perhaps Moffat is going to explore that.

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