Doctor Who News Dame Helen Mirren - future Time Lord?

Published on December 21st, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Who’s Helen Mirren?

Dame Helen Mirren - future Time Lord?

Dame Helen Mirren – future Time Lord?

Dame Helen Mirren has suggested that she would like to play the Twelfth Doctor should Matt Smith ever decide that he wants to leave the role.

The actress, who Smith himself cited as one of the actors that he would like to see as the Doctor’s fellow TARDIS traveller, went on to say that she would not like to replace Karen Gillan as the Doctor’s companion.

“I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.”

Mirren would make a fine addition as a guest cast member or even as the Doctor’s travelling buddy. Big Finish (who produce the audio adventures of Doctor Who) paired the Sixth Doctor with an older companion to great effect, the Eleventh Doctor could very easily get along with a head strong and wise woman (just look at Amy Pond) so hopefully it’s something that we’ll see in the future.

But should the Doctor turn female? Would this change the entire dynamic of the show or would the story be able to able to continue as it is? There’s certainly nothing wrong with the concept of a woman taking the role on and making it her own but how different would Doctor Who be if say, for example, the Doctor fell in love with the Master for real!?

Answers on a postcard please…


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6 Responses to Who’s Helen Mirren?

  1. avatar Jo C says:

    Personally I think that having a female Doctor would destroy the show – This is me as a modern, forward thinking woman with distinctly feminist leanings.

    The Doctor is a madman in a box – To change the dynamic of that would be wrong – this isn’t about gender domination this is about gender characterisation

    What I really would like to see however is a Female Timelord who really is the Doctors equal rather than the slightly lesser equal that Romana was – A woman with all the intelligence, wit and mania that the Doctor has but is a strong individual character in her own right and not just a shallow copy – There are plenty of loose ends that could be used to bring a female timelord in – Susan for one or any other idea that the writers could come up with to engineer a situation where there is a Female Timelord that escaped the Time War

    A modern kick-ass Female Timelord done with strong female orientated writing would be a marvelous thing and if you made that character ‘good’ not the villan of the piece and doesn’t fancy the Doctor either – Wow what an explosive episode that could be – The nearest we have at the moment of course is River Song but she doesn’t have the knowledge from Gallifrey and of course has lost the power of regeneration plus her story has almost ended

  2. avatar farsighted99 says:

    A female Doctor would destroy the show? Pleeeeze!

    IF Helen Mirren wants to be the Doctor, I’d say Moffat is nuts not to take advantage of her. Not sure she’d go for 9 months locked up in Cardiff doing night shoots, but hey… and the pay ain’t movie star pay, and there are no residuals…

    Perhaps there’s a way to do it for an episode or two and make everybody happy.

    I WOULD LOVE to see Helen Mirren as the Doctor.

  3. avatar Steve Garbutt says:

    And whilst we’re at it, lets cast Chelsee Healey as the next James Bond! And the Chuckle Brothers and Graham Norton in another Charlies Angels movie! It would be just as silly! Imagine 8-year old Billy or Jenny’s reaction – ‘Dad, why has the Doctor become a woman after 11 lives as a man?’

  4. avatar Michael says:

    I’ve always been against the idea of a female Doctor. The whole ‘sex change’ headlines would go on for months (if not years). However, it’s not like making James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, or whoever a woman as the Doctor could change into a woman within the confines of the programme and still be ‘believable’. In the 80s I’d have settled for someone like Joan Hickson (the BBC Miss Marple). I’m sure Helen would do a great job.

  5. avatar Andrew says:

    No, no, no, no. The Doctor is man a Time Lord not a Time Lady (which would be nice to see the latter), and it’s a mans part. A female Doctor would ruin the show and be done purely to satisfy the PC brigade as apposed to doing it for the correct artistic reasons.

    • avatar Pete says:

      I think a compromise might be the approach to take here: why not do an episode (or a two parter minimum to explore the idea a bit more fully) where the Doctor regenerates at the beginning of the tale due to XYZ – and becomes a woman. Mirror in the guest role would be fantastic and far more likely than her doing 9 months at tv pay. We could see how the companion deals with it, how the Doctor him-er, her-self deals with it, and we’d have to have at least a scene where the big bad (Daleks? Cybermen?) deal with it, if only a very brief encounter for laughs tho a more reasonable mix for the majority of the story which should primarily be a character driven tale of the Lady Doctor coming to terms with herself. You could even have in the latter half of part 2 Matt show up from the past or alt dimension or whatever trying to prevent this future change of himself – then realizing he’s – SHE’s – not so bad afterall and realizing itd be a fine course for his next life when everything then comes to the climax and he finds himself back to being 11 again with his premature regen and big bad event defeated/prevented. Then we get the experience of a lady doctor, with 11 and ourselves -getting used to her and actually LIKING her, then back to what we know with the Doctor once again unsure just what his future will bring, but in one of those “what if?” tales where time reverts which I usually feel is a cop out, but might be a good exercise that only New Who could do.
      Really think it would awesome. Heck, could even do a split reality and have the Doctor meet an alternative univ Doctor that’s a lady that might pop up for a couple adventures and to unite with our Doc to fight a big bad. That would avoid the Time Lords all being dead (celt the Master and whoever else) and could allow us a Doctoress without upsetting the more traditionalist Whovies. :-)

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