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Published on December 19th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Whogasm Fan Trailer!

We’re very lucky as fans of Doctor Who, what with the big five-oh coming up for the intrepid Time Lord and the series still going from strength to strength year after year it means that we’re going to get one hell of a birthday bash for the good Doctor come 2013.

But that’s still a long way away; we have some time to wait before we get the exact details of where the party’s going to be and exactly who’s invited. So in the meantime, just to get yourself in the mood for the celebrations that are starting to be planned or even if you just want to remind yourself of the epic journey that has taken place so far, check out the fan made video for the fiftieth anniversary called “The Ultimate Cinema trailer”.

Some of you may have seen this already in another for but this version is especially important as it includes footage of Doctor’s one through to eight, the previous trailer only had Doctor’s nine, ten and eleven.

To use the word “epic” to describe this trailer is doing it an injustice, “thing of beauty” may be a more apt description. It’s heart warming, exciting, fanorific (yes, it’s a word, it means fan pleasing. Yes it does!) and best of all a real labour of love.

Sit back and bask in the glory of nearly fifty years of adventuring with the most important Time Lord that has ever been.

A salute to the good Doctor!


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10 Responses to Whogasm Fan Trailer!

  1. avatar kopicbloodaxe says:

    The stuff of legend!

  2. avatar Gazza100 says:

    Nicely sourced for audio and pics (though hearing some of them more clearly would have been helpful) and well put together, but not great. A bit long and poorly weighted amongst the earlier Doctors. It’s narrative jumped all over the place… what was it’s message supposed to be? What was it’s focus?

    • That’s a heavy appraisal!

      • avatar Gazza100 says:

        Yup, it is. It counters the ‘isn’t it wonderful’ in your editorial quite nicely, I thought… and it’s true.

        • Well, no – it’s not true, but I’m not saying that you’re wrong. It’s your opinion which you’ve expressed with brevity and with the expectation that the collection of clips adheres to a pre-conceived notion of order.

          You’re certainly in the minority if the other comments are anything to go by…

          • avatar Gazza100 says:

            It’s true for me if not anybody else. I have no problem with that.
            Each to their own. Being a minority of one doesn’t make my opinion
            any less valid… go ask David Cameron. ;-)

            But who is is it for? If it’s for fan boys like ‘us’, then fine.
            It says what ‘we’ want to hear. It’s a loose collection of very nice clips. Not sure it’s gripping, in any meaning of the word, for
            the ‘not we’. And I still think it is too long, and, the
            audio is unclear due to the volume of the music in parts.

          • avatar Gazza100 says:

            PS – ..”with the expectation that the collection of clips adheres to a pre-conceived notion of order.” are not my words (or expectation), they are your words. I said it lacked focus and message. Without understanding of what prompted the maker to make this, all we can judge is what we have in front of us… just like Joe Public when he views such items. In my own humble opinion, if we are going to call this the ‘ultimate cinema trail’ then it should aspire to that. I don’t think it does. Far, far, too many head turns for that, for instance. It fails but remains a generally nice, enjoyable collection of clips that have been put together pretty well from and editing perspective. That’s all it is for me. Others may enjoy it in their own way, of course.

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    As a celebration of the p[rogramme it works very well. Yes, it could have had more of some of the Doctors. But overall it is, I agree, a thing of beauty.

  4. avatar Tom Z says:

    I enjoyed that. However, I would have liked it better if I hadn’t seen this other one first:

  5. avatar Beverly North says:

    I liked it! Each actor has brought something special to the role.

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