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Published on December 1st, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Torchwood the Movie – NOW!

Torchwood is no more….for now. It seems that even though Torchwood’s latest tale, Miracle Day, achieved strong ratings and generally positive feedback from viewers and reviewers it has yet to be decided if another series will be made.

Lead actor John Barrowman remains keen to do another stint as Captain Jack but it seems that everything Torchwood has been put on pause for the time being, which is a shame seeing as the series has really found its footing over the last couple of years.

Whilst Torchwood started life with thirteen episodes a year and a new challenge for the team each week, the show matured and grew into something very different to simply “the adult version of Doctor Who”. Children of Earth saw a fantastic five-part tale spread over one week on BBC One and Miracle day was an engaging and inventive ten part epic.

As the show has evolved and changed so much over the last five years from its initial inception, now may be the time to look at the possibility of a Torchwood movie. The possibilities are endless for storylines; it wouldn’t be difficult to pick up the story as Torchwood manages to hit the rest button on its characters pretty easily. In the same way that Joss Whedon’ s Firefly evolved into the big-screen Serenity, so could Torchwood. This is a marvellous storytelling opportunity; you could even throw in a Dalek or Cyberman for good measure or even an occasional visit from the Time Lord himself if you wanted to keep a link to the Doctor Who world.

So, we say right now on Kasterborous: forget Doctor Who on the silver screen.

The campaign for a Torchwood feature film starts here!

Big, sprawling and epic, oozing with charm and sexy one liners and having the Torchwood team battle a threat so massive that the whole of the Universe is at stake.

Keep your eyes peeled…


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10 Responses to Torchwood the Movie – NOW!

  1. avatar Alex says:

    A Torchwood movie makes more sense than a Doctor Who film, except for the fact fewer people know of Torchwood, which might make it a harder sell (sort of like how the folks who made Serenity found out the hard way that making a film for the fans of a show that lasted only a dozen episodes and sold a bunch of DVDs didn’t guarantee a hit).

    But I don’t see the concern over the fact TW hasn’t been commissioned for a new season yet. First, even before Miracle Day finished we’d already heard that a new season wouldn’t be immediately coming because RTD is working on a new series called Cucumber. Second, British shows aren’t always commissioned year after year – see Red Dwarf for a great example: 4 years between seasons 6 and 7, another couple between 7 and 8, and about a decade between 8 and the Back to Earth miniseries. We might not see a Season 5 of Torchwood for a couple years, though I’d bet 2013 would be the most likely date because it would tie in with the anniversary. Even if Starz cancels the show at it’s end, that doesn’t mean it won’t continue on the BBC.

    Only risk I see with a Torchwood movie is if someone decides to do silly things in the reimagining. We dodged a bullet with the planned Fox remake if the rumors that they were going to “hetero-ize” Jack are true. So I hope the movie, if one ever happens, is either a continuation of the series or at least is done by someone who understands what has made Torchwood work (and not work) for the last few years.

  2. avatar James says:

    With David Yates behind a Dr Who movie, from “scratch” or not, I’d prefer the Doctor Who movie to a Torchwood one. Sorry.

    I’d prefer the next step for TW to be another TV series, but less American and more Welsh/British.

    • avatar Simon says:

      Yeah, well I’m sorry you feel that way, because I will never prefer a Doctor Who movie nor do I want one. What they’re talking about goes against the entire structure of how the show works; a movie isn’t completely unsuitable for a reboot at this time UNTIL the current saga is finished (and Smith doesn’t sound as though he wants to leave just yet)!

      Sure it’s up to the overwhelming fanbase, the studio and the actors about when the show ends, not a director who wants to redefine a series that’s just fine the way it is.

      • avatar James says:

        It’s odd to say all that and judge the possible Dr Who movie when you nor anybody (even the makers) know anything about it. VERY odd and VERY illogical.

  3. avatar Simon says:

    Love to see a Torchwood movie, though…

    Really, just who is Capt. Jack Harkness?!

  4. With all due respect, James, this is Doctor Who fandom…

  5. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    No thanks no film. Miracle day was ok, but too long. A lot of it was padded. If the show is to come back, bring it back to the UK.

  6. Mez, it would seem you’ve been reading my mind. :) Torchwood movie now please!

  7. avatar Gary Morris says:

    Torchwood movie would probably make more sense I think. The series is probably dead, Doctor Who on tv is stronger than ever. If they make a DW film now they run the risk of DW overload. A Torchwood film would take a few years to make so we’d probably all forget how weak Miracle Day was…

  8. avatar paul blume says:

    Though, personally, I would prefer TW to return to Wales (AND the small screen) a Torchwood movie would be feasible IF and only IF it could stand alone, without reference to DW or series’ history. ‘Miracle Day’ completely glossed over the supposedly global-scale events that took place in the prior arc and Torchwood’s part in them, making TW just another super-secret organisation in the latest effort. Though over-long, it worked as a stand-alone. At least, for those relatively unfamiliar with what went before. Future Torchwood could work similarly.

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