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Published on December 9th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Matt’s Missing Confidential

Matt Smith as Doctor WhoDoctor number eleven, AKA Mr Matt Smith, recently talked about his disappointment over the fact that Doctor Who Confidential was decommissioned by the BBC this year.

The documentary show, that has been an integral part of Doctor Who since it returned to its rightful place as the king of television, has been airing after episodes of Doctor Who since 2005. Smith seemed slightly saddened by its loss:

“It’s a pity as I think it’s a show which can reinvent itself year on year and it’s one of the biggest shows on BBC Three.”

Doctor who Confidential was indeed a television show that changed whenever Doctor Who changed. Rather than sticking to an established format, it was able to roll with the punches wherever it turned. It’s a huge loss to television and will leave a massive hole in the Doctor Who line up as there will be no more fantastic interviews or interesting behind the scene facts to discover once the latest Doctor Who episode has finished transmitting!

Fans have started campaigns to get the show resurrected and best of luck to them; however it looks like the BBC’s decision is final as they continue to look for more and more ways to cut their expenditure.

One day, it may come back. Yes, one day…


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2 Responses to Matt’s Missing Confidential

  1. avatar Simon says:

    Judging by all the cuts taking place, it sounds as though the BBC is far worse off financially than it originally let on.

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    I say “Bullshit”. Let’s see all of the high up “suits” at the BBC, across the board, one and all, take a sizable salary cut, across the board (except of course, the Doctor Who team, only slightly kidding). Then, I’ll believe that times are tough, and those in charge can show their outstanding leadership skills and character by feeling the pain with everyone else. If they have already done this, kudos to them. But we can doubt they have. The least creative people involved, who handle the money and not the dreams are the ones who always have the smoothest path, even in tough times. Viewers, in this case, pay more, and get less, and the brass just keep getting paid big. Their “sacrifices” mean nothing but our losses, and that as I previously stated, is “Bullshit”.

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