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Published on October 17th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Will Torchwood be Resurrected?

So, was Miracle Day the last hurrah for Torchwood? Or will the alien and conspiracy fighting show be back one day, taking deep gasps of air like the various resurrections of Captain Jack Harkness himself?

Certainly from what we’ve heard recently, all but an official axe has swung across this particular televisual element of the Whoniverse, with Starz not taking an option on a second series. Meanwhile the BBC seems reluctant to talk about the matter. Miracle Day was a co-production between Starz, BBC Worldwide and BBC Wales, so hearing anything from the broadcaster in the UK seems unlikely at the moment.

(Prior to Miracle Day being announced, similar noises were also made. Things can change very quickly in television production, it seems, although this time things seem quite “final”.)

What is particularly interesting, however, is that there has been no official word – and as such, no campaign. This is in stark contrast to Doctor Who Confidential, of course, recently axed by the BBC and the subject of a reinstatement campaign. Of course, DWC lived on BBC Three, the same channel that once begat Torchwood.

Perhaps in their aim to produce original programming unique to BBC Three, the corporation could welcome the show back? Or has too much water (and indeed, too many changes to the format) passed under the bridge for this to happen?

There are, as ever, plenty of questions.

Should a new series of Torchwood be produced? Do you want to know how Rex Matheson copes with being immortal?

Could he prove an interesting rival to Jack and Gwen?

What do you think?


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

40 Responses to Will Torchwood be Resurrected?

  1. avatar Brian Stultz says:

    I love Torchwood for one one of the same reasons I love Dr. Who; they are both ever changing while still being the same show you liked from the start. Not too many programs can claim that. I was not disappointed in Miracle Day since I really had no preconceived notions as what to expect. What I did get was a great story with some great acting. Even though it was a US co-production I did not feel that it was tainted or dumbed down for being so. Far superior to any Stargate,Battlestar or any other unimaginatively shot/edited/scored/written US programs that we are use to. I welcome back the character of Rex Matheson and look forward to more interaction with him and Jack. Mekhi Phifer was actually allowed to be the great actor he is. Usually the best that gets written for him is that of generic angry African-American who makes poor choices. Here he was given the depth that he deserves as an actor and a person. I would gladly let all the multiple CSI and CSI like shows or all the lame remakes a la Hawaii 5-O, Charlies Angels and so on go to the cancellation hell that tired shows like them deserve for at least one more series of Torchwood which a solid, good show that is fresh and deserves to be explored more.

  2. avatar Drew Fleming says:

    I think the production team of Torchwood need to decide whether it is set in the Doctor Who universe or not. The tone shift from the parent show is jarring and a bit off-putting. I just find myself wondering why The Doctor is being so negligent during such cataclysmic events as depicted in Children Of Earth and Miracle Day.

  3. avatar Resistor One says:

    Overall I’ve enjoyed Torchwood. I was really excited to find that Torchwood Miracle Day is now on Netflix. I watched the entire series and honestly, it was crap. I think it was quite possibly the worst piece of “Science Fiction” I’ve ever seen. It tried to be a “Sci Fi Thriller” but it was clumsy, lumbered along, and by the middle of the series I just didn’t care what happened. It made absolutely no sense. I mean, Jack’s immortality was a result of becoming a “fixed point in time” yet somehow being infused with his blood can make you immortal, or being just duplicating properties of his blood into the morphic field that controls all life in the universe can suddenly make everyone immortal, and blah blah blah. Jack himself seemed to just be along for the ride and basically there so RTD could shove the gay agenda into our faces at every opportunity. Seriously, RTD, we get it. 99% of us are not homophobic and you seriously need to get over it. The gay sex scenes weren’t interesting, they were funny. Were they supposed to be? I couldn’t tell, but they seemed as relevant to the whole thing as a commercial.

    Other than the gay agenda scenes, Jack seemed incompetent and irrelevant.

    Gwen (Eve) was a pleasure to watch, and I did get a kick out of the stay at home mom that puts on leather, goes to a secret concentration camp, blows it up, and speeds off on her motorcycle. She seemed to be the only one actually in control of herself. And she was funny.

    Disconnecting Torchwood from the Whovian universe didn’t do it in favors either. I find the comment above comparing it with the redone Battlestar Galactica which (as far as I’m concerned) redefined TV SciFi for the foreseeable future, hilarious.

    I hope that this is not the end of Jack Harkness, and that Captain Jack won’t be remembered in the end as nothing more than an RTD meat puppet. He’s got the most compelling backstory of any character I know outside the Doctor himself.

  4. avatar Charlie says:

    Much as I loved it, the fourth series did lack a bit of cohesion, from the plot, characters, tone and so on. Compared to Children of Earth it wasn’t half as good. But then you never know do you? I like to think that given a second US-co-produced series they would have ironed out those problems and created something that would be much better, much like series 2 versus series 1.

    Unfortunately if Starz aren’t committing to a second series, I think it will be years before something more happens in Torchwood. From what I can tell RTD is working on creating new, different series in the US and that will be his focus for the near future. Give it 4-5 years and if nothing new of his has taken off, expect to see a new series of Torchwood at that point! …says Nostradamus!

  5. avatar Bob says:

    I think Torchwood has had its day. The show format has never really worked and each season has limped along trying to figure out what it wants to be – is it a scifi series, is it an X Files clone, is it softcore porn, or just a badly conceived series that is long past its sell by date. Curiously it’s the latter and I think its time the Beeb put the show to rest for good.

  6. avatar Maria says:

    What are you basing all this on? From what I can tell, nothing at all! No-one knows what’s going to happen, but what’s happened so far isn’t anything different to what the head of Starz said months ago, which is a second US based series won’t be made yet as he doesn’t see TW as a yearly series. Let’s just wait and see before starting rumours, hmmm?

    • @Maria naturally I’m not going to divulge our sources. However, we know that there are currently no plans for another series of Torchwood. That isn’t a rumour :)

      • avatar Maria says:

        A standard journalistic answer there! I think I’ll wait for an official announcement, either way ;)

  7. avatar bobbi says:

    While I didn’t think Miracle Day was as good as the previous seasons, part of what makes Torchwood good is that the show does change. It has never been an X Files clone or soft core porn, as Bob implied, it is it’s own curious mix of action, sex, aliens. Is it sexy? yes. Is there a corny sci-fi feel? Of course. Jack being sexy and bisexual, does not mean there is a “gay agenda” as Kate implied either. Let’s face it, Torchwood became a series to showcase the sex appeal of Jack Harkness as alluded to in DW. Gwen made the series so much more, and the other members of Torchwood gave it depth. I am all for restoring Torchwood BBC, not Starz, and rebuilding Torchwood, sans Mekhi Phifer, this is not Hollywood, but Wales.

  8. avatar drakaina says:

    Torchwood definitely should be continued and I really don’t care who is the producer, as long as I get another season with Jack and Gwen. I wouldn’t mind further development with Rex and Jilly but what truly matters is the British team.

  9. avatar Kathy says:

    Jack Harkness is a fantastic character created by Steven Moffat and RTD doesn’t seem to know how to write for the character. Shame really. I watch Torchwood for Captain Jack. I got tired of the WW2 and gay put-downs. RTD doesn’t seem to like Captain Jack. By making Rex immortal RTD threw his main character under the bus. John Barrowman deserves better.
    BBC never seems to know what it is doing anyway so who knows what it is thinking about future episodes.

    Doesn’t The Doctor save earth from aliens and Captain Jack saves humans from themselves?

  10. avatar marta says:

    I want more Torchwood. It’s never seemed confused to me and it has many possibilities open to it. People who don’t like can not watch it, but some of us are waiting…

  11. avatar ChrisM says:

    I’m sorry but I found Miracle Day to be a great idea stretched over too many episodes, leading to dull, irrelevant sub-plots and causing me to lose the will to live.

    Both Jack and Gwen were completely different characters – especially Gwen. And while I accept that people change, they don’t to this extent.

    Rex was a terrible character – utterly unsympathetic and I am not sure what he was meant to be or represent.

    It looked great though and I wasn’t concerned about it being a co-production; I actually liked its internationalism.

    Ultimately though, Miracle Day failed to either intrigue or entertain and has probably killed the show off, which is a shame because Children of Earth was excellent.

  12. avatar Beate Geibel says:

    There is only one way, as it should been in the first place, the BBC has to Man up and take Torchwood back.

    Starz was a nice try, but didnt really work. Torchwood isnt Torchwood, if there are quirky characters, sassy comments,

    Torchwood needs to stay european !

    If the BBC is worried about Budget, go ask the Germans, they have plenty, since recent the cooperations of the Borgia tv movie and the cooperation reg. the Transporter tv series show.

    The BBC has a truly original series with a very dedicated fanbase, what more can you ask for.

    BBC – MAN UP and bring our troups home !

    Thanx in advance from Beate from Berlin Germany, a true TW fan from the beginning.

  13. avatar Linda says:

    I have to say that I found Miracle Day to be extremely entertaining. On the other hand, I didn’t like Children of Earth. I found that one very boring. I would welcome another season of Torchwood but won’t hold my breath. Hope to see Eve Myles in something else..she’s a great actress.

  14. avatar gravitule says:

    Should a new series of Torchwood be produced?

    If they find a showrunner who really cares about this show and respect his fans, yes.

    Do you want to know how Rex Matheson copes with being immortal?

    No, thanks. Bring back Ianto, Cardiff, a shiny Jack, some aliens. That’s what I want to watch, S1 & S2 style, not the thing they wrongly call Torchwood since 2 seasons and that I don’t watch anymore…

  15. avatar Liza says:

    I really hope that Miracle Day was it. Talk about beating a dead horse in the hope it might win a race! Children of Earth was obviously an intentional and natural stopping point – Miracle Day was a half-arsed attempt at limping onward and squeezing some more cash out of the once loyal fanbase (after the canon f**kery in the Miracle Day finale, I use the ‘once loyal’ term very firmly).

    There’s nothing of interest left in the show. Gwen’s Gwen, the Mary Sue-est Mary Sue of them all, and Jack’s a pale, hollow shell of his former self. Rex … good lord, the thought of an immortal Rex running around the Whoniverse celebrating his superiors wives getting leukemia is despicable. Loveable paedophile? No thank you. That attempt at ‘dark and compelling drama’ was as juvenile as the first series’ sex alien. At least that was vaguely entertaining to watch, and didn’t take itself too seriously.

    Miracle Day was a joke – but it could have been absolutely brilliant had the writers bothered to talk to each other, or maybe even just redraft. There is nothing left to do with Torchwood now other than allow it to rest in peace.

  16. avatar Andi says:

    If they find a clever way – and I think if it really is wanted it should not be a problem, a lot of fanfictionwriters have already proven it – to bring the old team back, to bring the show back to where it started (Wales) and to as what it started (a weekly show with alians and not on big conspiracy drama), I very much would love a continuation. Otherwise it should already have stayed dead after Children of Earth. Miracle Day was on big farce which didn’t deserve the name Torchwood on it.

  17. avatar cynthia says:

    I loved season 1,2-it was quirky,witty and engaging.Season 3 was a change of direction and although i think it was well made I did not like the way Gwen and CJ were developed and after the suspense element was removed it felt repetitious and cluttered especially the last episode.Miracle Day was loud,OTT,overwritten,and poorly produced.Gwen’s further developement into warrior women was both idiotic and irritating and CJ never really got a chance to strutt his stuff.To have Rex as the only new charactor who survives was the nail in the coffin for me.To be honest unless they can pull it back to what it was in the earlier seasons i will not be watching again.I just feel now its time to let Torchwood rest in peace rather than inflicting more damage on what was a great show.

  18. avatar Ryan says:

    Only people who are homophobes talk about a “gay agenda.” TV shows are full of heterosexuals snogging and I have never once read a gay person moan about it in printer the way the poster above just did. If you’re not a homophobe you don’t have to announce it, its usually perfectly obvious.

  19. avatar Jophiel says:

    “Only people who are homophobes talk about a “gay agenda.” ”

    So everytime someone talked about his sexuality (m/m w/w) or any campaigns against the politics censoring the gay marriage, that made all of them homophobes?

    Sorry Ryan but I disagree with your comment about “gay agenda).

  20. avatar Syl says:

    I want more Torchwood. But: No Rex, more Jack, less Gwen and yes Ianto back to Torchwood.

  21. avatar Angela says:

    RTD got bored and put no more effort into it. He spent time building characters and then cruelly ripped them away. I miss Ianto, Owen and Tosh. They all meshed well together. The writing was on the wall when he killed of Tosh and Owen and then went after Ianto. He wanted it to be a Gwen and Jack show. The Miracle Day came and it was really a Gwen and California show. I agree he totally screwed John Barrowman, it was like he was an afterthought. Im not knocking Gwen I like her and I love Eve Myles. Producers always do this, they have something that works, then they change it and wonder why no one watches it anymore and then they tell us were wrong it has to grow. I say that’s is BS!!! I wish I was a billionaire I’d bring them all back and start over again.

  22. avatar Alex says:

    Where did we hear that Starz had cancelled or not taken an option of Torchwood? Last I heard the president of Starz said they were more than willing to do a second season but it was up to Russell T Davies who decide when, and that this may not happen immediately because he wants to concentrate on his mysterious “Cucumber” TV project. Starz, being a cable network, does not need to do seasons year after year. They could do Season 5 in 2013 or even later. Same goes for the BBC. They waited 4 years between Red Dwarf seasons once, remember and the show came back without missing a beat.

    • avatar Laine says:

      I’m afraid so many people are only hearing what they want to hear in the Starz announcement. It’s not only a matter of RTD wanting to do more Torchwood. He has to come up with a concept Starz thinks is exciting enough to be worth it.

  23. Interesting how many responses we’ve had to this, but no one seems to have actually read the article. Nowhere does it state cancellation; nowhere does it say Torchwood will not return.

    In fact, I even went to pains to point out that we’ve been here before!

    It asks the question “will Torchwood be resurrected?” and cites information that we have had from two (and verified by a trustworthy third) sources that there currently are no plans for any further episodes.

  24. avatar Briod Nicole says:

    We want a series 5 but only if the writers bring back Ianto Jones as resurrection, otherwise we wish Torchwood would be cancelled.
    Series 3 and 4 were a joke.

  25. avatar Shaz says:

    Will Torchwood be resurrected? I doubt it. Miracle Day well and truly killed off the show which is a shame because so much potential was wasted. It could have been really great even with half the team gone, if they’d only done what most of the fans wanted and kept it in the UK. A rebuilt hub, some new British team members, maybe a couple of high profile British actors, and an alien of the week format was all it needed. As is, I can’t see Starz wanting to pick it up again. Why would they? I doubt it was a commercial success. It cost 30m dollars to make yet it struggled week after week in the ratings both in the UK and in the US and the critical reviews ranged from luke warm to appalling. It was unintentionally funny, long winded and made no sense whatsoever even for sci fi. Commercial organisations like Starz are all about making profit and they don’t continue to make shows that don’t make profit. As far as them saying they were happy to pick it up if RTD wants to make it, that may well have been spin. If they actually cancelled it, after cancelling so many other series before it, it wouldn’t be the best PR for them or RTD. No far better to let it die a death and blame the pressure of ‘other projects’ for its demise.

    BTW, I have to agree with what Angela says above, John Barrowman was totally screwed over by rtd in this series he just seems as if he hasn’t got the sense to realise it. He went from the star of series one, two and three to the eye-candy and a supporting character to Eve Myles and Mekhi Phifer in this one. Probably the only thing we’ll remember in years to come about his participation in this series is those controversial sex scenes, which far from being liberating and groundbreaking, feels more like an exploitation of his sexuality to me. Then again, he’ll walk away with a couple of million in the bank so who’s exploiting who?

    Finally, does anyone know what has happened to RTD. Has he been abducted by aliens. Has he ever been this quiet for so long before? Just wondering.

  26. avatar Mark says:

    I was disappointed with the 4th season. I thought Children of Earth was the finest 5 hours of Science Fiction I’ve ever seen. I was really let down, but I hope they give it another series so it doesn’t end like this. I’d still watch it.

  27. Fingers crossed for a fifth series with Rex as the antagonist; a kind of anti-Jack (or like the Master to the Doctor). And let’s get back to the series 1 and 2 style where we have self-contained episodes encompassed by a larger arc. Series 3 and 4 were a little too much like “24″ for my taste!

  28. avatar Jo says:

    Torchwood really suffered away from Wales and minus Ianto Jones. So as far as I am concerned, no more Torchwood unless Ianto is brought back and Jack is turned back into Jack once again.

  29. avatar Jessica says:

    Bring it back – I want more and we were left hanging.

  30. avatar Jim says:

    Torchwood as we knew and loved it died at the end of Children of Earth. Revive it properly in Wales with the old team or stop desecrating the corpse.

  31. avatar Marie says:

    Are you able to get in touch with RTD or Chris Albreicht for an official word about the series’ future now that it has aired completely? Or someone at the BBC? I’m really interested to know how they feel about the ratings/reviews.

    • Hi Marie

      I’m waiting to hear back from someone, but I suspect we’ll just get the potted party line answer issued by Starz

      • avatar Marie says:

        Sorry to bother you, but really dying to know if there still has been no word. It’s like everyone involved just disappeared!

  32. avatar starkwords says:

    Miracle Day, as others have pointed out, strays too far from the parent material. MD completely disregards things we accept as fact in the Whoniverse without any accountability.
    MD ruined Torchwood, and now we even have Moffatt and Barrowman talking about bringing Jack back for Series 7 of Doctor Who. I won’t be sad to see Torchwood’s time up.

    Now, if they’d like to make a series zero, set BEFORE the first season and showing the Cardiff branch BEFORE Gwen Cooper came to it…

  33. avatar Gareth Kavanagh says:

    Crumbs, am I alone in enjoying Miracle Day? It certainly brightened up my Thursday evenings.Some lovely dialogue, great moral dilemmas and a very human story. I’ll be sad if we get no more, but it’s a different team in charge at the BBC now and priorities inevitably change. I mean, just ask any fan of Ideal or Confidential, post-Zai Bennett’s clean sweep at BBC3.

    Personally, I prefer to think of Miracle Day as a bonus season that we were never really due after the fairly final eventsof Children of Earth, but got against the odds thanks to an innovative co-funding deal.

    And besides, Torchwood would make a cracking ongoing comic series if all else fails….

  34. avatar Alexander says:

    I would like Torchwood to continue but not with a continuation of the Miracle day it did not add up and fell apart at the end when redhead was re recruited back into the Families team, how on earth has Captain Jack never heard of them and yet he was so brutally attacked for such a long time and his knowledge of the future and the Past the Families the First World War and the Second World War he was to busy with Germans, Turks and Japanese to notice them scheming in the background, maybe they actually started the wars in the first place, he maybe heard of them or has missed them out while he was in another part of the universe. recovering from the damage that was or did I miss something out. What a story line thats all been missed out.

  35. avatar William says:

    I personally started watching Torchwood on Starz. While it did have its moments, it did get me hooked enough to start watching the BBC original series on Netflix. I hope the bring it back for another season.

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