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Published on October 3rd, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

The Overnight Wedding Figures

Everyone loves a wedding! Well 6.1 million of you do as The Wedding of River Song unsurprisingly saw an increase in overnight viewers improving on the previous weeks downturn in overnight figures, reports SFX.

Not only did the episode hold its own against the unseasonably warm October weather and the twin evils of The X Factor (which pulled in 9.5 million people and generated just about the same amount of frustrated signs and tears from those not watching) and Strictly Come Dancing (which cha-cha-char-ed its way to 7.5 million), the episode also beat the 2010 finale.

As we’re regularly at pains to advise you, overnight viewing figure don’t offer the full picture so get ready to see this figure rise considerably when the final consolidated numbers are announced but this is a massive improvement and a fitting way to end the series.



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  1. avatar Drew Fleming says:

    What are the odds that we will end up beating or at least matching SCD in the final numbers. It’s all so exciting.

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