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Published on October 13th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Tennant to Play Treasure Island Creator

David Tennant is star as Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson in a BBC drama based on his travel writing and personal letters.

As reported in The Stage the two-part BBC Radio 4 drama called Stevenson in Love (perhaps Joseph Fiennes was busy?) portrays the ‘significant journeys’ undertook by the Kidnapped author and how his growing feelings for the woman he would eventually marry affected him on his travels.

The first part, “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes”, follows Stevenson in France as he begins to document his experiences that would eventually become the travelogue of the same name.

The second part, “The Amateur Emigrant”, sees Stevenson catch a steamer to New York, where he partakes in a country-wide train journey across the states before ending in California.

Written by Mike Harris (The Disappearance of Jennifer Pope) and co-staring Lizzy McInnerny (Lewis) Stevenson in Love will be broadcast over two nights starting on 26th October.


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2 Responses to Tennant to Play Treasure Island Creator

  1. avatar Starman says:

    Let’s hope that his “Travels with a Donkey” turn out better for him than One Foot in the Grave’s Victor Meldrew ;)

  2. avatar Bryan Simcott says:

    Damn I thought this was going to be a film for BBC . So we could could see a half naked yummy Tennant wandering about the islands

    Still I will listen with the images in my head

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