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Published on October 28th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Captain Jack Not Coming back?

After all the comments that John Barrowman has made about wanting to return to Doctor Who and how he would love to do it, the actor and entertainer has suddenly become slightly more convinced that he will not be asked back to the show anytime soon.

It seems that although Barrowman would like to make a return to the show to resurrect what he admits was initially only meant to be a “five episode character”, there have been no approaches from the Doctor Who team as yet.

Which seems… suspicious. As Steven Moffat revealed in a recent issue of Doctor Who magazine, Captain Jack was planned to be one of the surprise cameos in A Good Man Goes to War as the Battle of Demon’s Run but due to Torchwood priorities couldn’t make it.

So it’s evident that the actor and the Doctor Who production team are in contact and it would be a bit strange if Captain Jack didn’t turn up to celebrate the Doctor’s big 5-0.

So it looks like it’s one of two outcomes (yes, there could be many but let’s just stick to two for now!), either there’s a plan for Barrowman to return and he simply has not been contacted as yet or he has been contacted but is pulling the wool over our eyes in classic Doctor Who production team style.

Plans are already underway for the fiftieth anniversary and it would not be a stretch of the imagination to think that Steven “slippery” Moffat has sworn all the cast to utmost secrecy with all the plans that he’s making.

Just a thought but you can bet your entire pay check on Captain Jack Harkness popping back into the Doctor’s life sooner rather than later…


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3 Responses to Captain Jack Not Coming back?

  1. avatar Alex says:

    I wouldn’t put much stock in this. Remember one thing: the anniversary isn’t the fall of 2013. They’re not even filming the season that airs in the fall of 2012 yet. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about Jack returning until early 2013, assuming that’s when filming for the 50th anniversary season begins; even if Moffat wants to bring Jack back. Also, Moffat and the BBC cannot commit to Jack appearing until the future of Torchwood is settled. Plus, Starz would have something to say about Jack appearing on a competing network in the US – they could say no. Lastly, with it being the 50th anniversary I personally think if we’re going to see past companions it’ll be companions from the original series given preference, especially given the success the BBC had in bringing back Sarah Jane as well as Jo Grant.

  2. I think if they get anyone back it’d be William Russell (I think he’s still alive) or Carole Ann Ford (same with her). It’d tie it together nicely seeing as they were both in the first episode of the entire show.

  3. avatar jessica says:

    I would love to see captain jack back on doctor who. Love the character…!

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