The TARDIS uses Windows XP!

Conspiracy theorists get conspiring! The Ministry of Defence have secretly published this tender for ‘TARDIS support’ on the Official Journal of the European Union where revelled is the stunning information that behind all the jiggery-pokery the TARDIS operates on ‘Windows XP/Server 2003 and VMS operating systems’

The TARDIS uses Windows XP!

As reported in Computer Weekly the TARDIS also contains the ominously sounding ‘Weapon Assessment Software Package’ or WASP which was developed under the guise of adding a harder militaristic bent to the Six and Seventh Doctors – perhaps resulting in the Doctor being blown of the air for so long.

Hidden amongst the circuits, time vortex applications and that zig zaggy switch are the ancient programming languages Pascal, Fortran and BASIC, the latter at the inevitable BBC involvement due to the popularity of BBC Basic during the 80s.

The tender also promises to provide technical support for all users- meaning that the Doctor will occasional call halt to the action to call technical support or suddenly find an engineer joining the ranks of the TARDIS.

What’s most disappointing in the tender is the involvement of the Royal Navy rather than the Brigadier’s favourite, the British Army.

UNIT will surely be called upon when the bugs to infect the system.

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