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Published on September 27th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

SJA Series Five UK Airdate

The BBC have confirmed the dates of first two episodes of the fifth and very sadly final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Sky is a two part opener written by Phil Ford (Waters of Mars) and will air on Monday 3rd October and Tuesday 4th October on the CBBC Channel.

While the exact times for both have yet to be confirmed the BBC  has released synopses for each episode.

In Part One, Sarah Jane Smith (the late, great Elisabeth Sladen) finds a baby girl on her doorstep and tries to find out just who abandoned her, while at a nearby Nuclear Power Station, a beautiful woman appears out of thin air and uses her powers to take control. She’s looking for something, and Sarah may have just found it.

The adventure continues with Part Two, where Sky has undergone a major transformation but in doing so has placed the entire universe in jeopardy. As Sky and Sarah Jane find themselves trapped between an alien war fought by Metalkind and Fleshkind, Clyde (Daniel Anthony) and Rani (Anjli Mohindra) face a race against time to stop the biggest bang in history.


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  1. avatar Penfolduk01 says:

    Sounds vaguely like “The Hand of Fear” :-)

  2. avatar Gruff says:

    5.15pm if you look on channel guides on Sky and Freeview. ;-)

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