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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by Scott Varnham

Save Doctor Who Confidential!

You may recall our article earlier today about the axing of Doctor Who Confidential, wherein due to budget cuts at the BBC it was announced that the show will not run after the end of this series.

The ‘making of’ show which has lasted from Rose up until The Wedding Of River Song, signals the latest casualty in a wave of worry that has passed over the BBC’s various stations recently, after BBC 6 Music was threatened with closure last year and BBC Four is in crisis.

However, hope has arrived in the form of one enterprising fan who has set up a simple to sign petition to save Doctor Who Confidential (does exactly what it says on the tin) and set up a Twitter account. At the time of writing, it’s gathered more than 3000 signatures in under two hours and seems to be rising steadily. I would be the first to say that Confidential does have issues (my main bugbear is what I see as an over-reliance on current tunes) but I find the fact that a petition was set up within hours of the announcement and has already gathered the amount of signatures it has very inspiring.

If you want to see more Confidential behind the scenes stuff, support the weird discussions that go on between the co-stars (I’m disappointed that “GET IN THE VAN” has not become a ‘thing’ among Who fans) or just don’t want to see what’s generally agreed to be a good show be axed in favour of stuff like Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (the joke is in the title, and that’s the only joke there is) and something called Don’t Tell The Bride, then by all means grace this fair petition with your John Hancock. Spread the word, fans of quality programming!

It’ll only take a minute, and don’t think that your voice won’t be heard: BBC 6 Music was given a reprieve by this same approach, so go and sign the petition!


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20 Responses to Save Doctor Who Confidential!

  1. avatar Clive Eardley says:

    Leave well alone.This is an excellent follow up to tv series.Please do not cancel the series or at least let there be confidential for Christmas episodes.

  2. avatar James says:

    Don’t forget ‘Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum’ or ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’! Obviously high quality shows to replace Confidential with. NOT.

    Confidential is one of the few high quality shows on BBC Three and I know for a fact that it is not only very interesting, informative and educating (especially to those of us wanting to enter the TV industry), but extremely inspiring to many, many people. I tweeted about how it had further inspired me to follow my aspiration into making good TV and got numerous replies saying the same thing from others saying that the show has also inspired them too.

    This show needs to be saved, otherwise the BBC is giving us proof that it opts not to listen when it doesn’t want to.

  3. avatar Alex says:

    Although I’m sure the support will be appreciated from everywhere, the petition needs to be signed by as many licence-payers as possible, as they’re the ones whose opinions really matter in this in the eyes of the BBC. Someone like me in Canada signing it is fine and all, but I don’t pay that licence fee; closest I come is buying the DVD box sets. The more BBC licence fee payers who sign – indicating they’d rather have Confidential than some of the alternatives – the more weight it’ll carry with the powers that be.

  4. avatar Drew Fleming says:

    I thought the BBC was meant to be going all out for Doctor Who as we get ready for the 50th anniversary? Oh, and well done to the BBC for dropping this little bombshell a few days before the big finale. Everyone is all riled up again and worrying about the future. Bravo.

    • avatar vaguely says:

      This is a BBC3 problem, not a Doctor Who problem (indeed, BBC generally, give government attitudes) – the channel itself is under real threat.

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    As I posted on Facebook, isn’t it funny how the BBC always manages to find a way to fuck us while they bless us?

  6. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    I love confidential and Ill admit last years wasn’t so good. But this years has been excellent. I love seeing how they do things and also feel it gives the backroom people exposure who work so hard on the sets, sfx etc.
    I could think of other things the BBC could cut! Sign this petition “Dr Who confidential in distress lets all answer its SOS”!

  7. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    The petition so far has got at 22:33pm is 7,708 Signatures.

    • avatar Peter McPhillips says:

      The petition has now got at 23:42pm is 9,081 Signatures.

  8. avatar TimeChaser says:

    A friend informed me of this petition and I did my duty as a fan and signed immediately. I’ve always loved Confidential for both the behind-the-scenes insights we get on the whole process that goes into making the show, and the extra comedy value (“What’s you’re favorite vegetable?” “… A marrow.”)

  9. avatar Simon says:

    They won’t… I’d love them to keep it, but they won’t.

    I also don’t buy the fact that Confidential is being cut because it’s on BBC Three (they could put it on BBC Two around 8pm following the episode’s end), as it’s more likely the studio is trying to cut whatever they can; shows cost money just to produce, let alone advertise.

  10. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    One thing they could cut is on BBC1 National Lottery draw.
    In the republic of Ireland they just have some one announcing the draw, not a whole programme on it. And some of these reality shows too.

  11. avatar ruben says:

    ok why not broadcast DWC on tv but have it funded with money used for the dvd extras as now they need to make new items left by axing DWC for the Doctor Who dvd box set. That way everybody wins

  12. avatar Gazza100 says:

    I hate to say it, and I probably won’t gain any brownie points, but it’s not high quality any more. It’s too long and a bit rubbish these days. That doesn’t mean what’s on BBC 3 is always better than DWC, but it’s obviously struggling for decent content. Do we really want to know about the man who makes the food on location, or that guy who moves the cars from a road, or the family that allows a shoot in their home. Lovely people, all of them, with jobs and houses that they enjoy, but its ‘Dr Who Confidential’, not ‘How To Make a TV Programme Confidential’. Shorten it, make it punchier, or let it go. My money is possibly on the latter, but bringing it back for special occasions like the 50th Anniversary special. ;-)

  13. avatar Andy Corbie says:

    It’s an indication of just how far the once compelling “Confidential” has slipped that this news is neither surprising or particularly sad. If they had announced this a few years ago, I would have been appalled but the show has dumbed down so much the last couple of years that its now only just watchable. The intriguing exploration oc character, plot and technicalities involved in making DW has been replaced with a lot of shallow fly on the wall stuff and gurning from the (very appealling) series leads. A shame.

  14. avatar DavidF says:

    I always watch it, but then I feel kind of dirty and wonder why I did it. Actually, I do know why. It’s because of the bits where writers reveal a little about the writing process. That’s always interesting. But it’s such a small percentage of the show. And a few weeks ago, when Karen Gillan was taken to a racetrack while Arthur Darvill was dropped into a shark tank, for absolutely no reason at all, it became more obvious than ever that there are no new angles for the show to cover and the makers are completely stumped. Be honest. We don’t really need it, do we?

    • avatar Scott Varnham says:

      Yeah, the shark tank and racing car one was a bit of a low point. I honestly thought that the listings for Confidential and Top Gear (on immediately afterwards) had merged together. One bad episode shouldn’t condemn a show, however.

  15. avatar Krumstets says:

    At a time when the BBC is having to make massive spending cuts it surely cannot be right that Dr Who has two programmes on.
    We should be concentrating on the TV show itself and not expect more and more and more.
    We have been pretty spoiled over the past few years with Torchwood, SJA, DWC and that other kids show on CBBC (which was dreadful So, I won’t even mention it’s name..)
    As as already been mentioned here @ Gazza100 and @DavidF …
    they have run out of ideas and I really don’t want to hear any more PR guff about how the actors `feel’ about appearing on the show.

    • avatar Colin Mc says:

      Very sorry to hear this news.Unfortunately the show has been treading water for a while with a palpable sense of a lack of imagination coming across.Last weeks’ edition really added nothing to our understanding of the show,no coverage of the cybermat’s return to inform young fans of their role in the show’s history and an obsession with the Smith/Corden old pals act.
      Best bet would be to rest it for a year and come back in 2013 with a shorter (30 min.)version which marries Old and New Who more effectively to build up the excitement for the anniversary.

  16. avatar Stephen says:

    Confidential is sh*t and deserves to be cancelled.

    The 45 min format is far too long. When it first started it was a half hour and included clips from the classic series.

    As well as providing a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes, it explored how the monsters/themes from the current episode had been dealt with by the original series.

    Now it just consists of Matt/Arthur/Karen sitting round on set and telling us about their banal lives.

    e.g. This year we’ve found out what the got for Christmas, which type of toothbrush they use etc.

    Or every week, the guest stars gush on cue whenever they see the Tardis set.

    It’s dull, repetitive and has run out of ideas.
    It needs to be put out of its misery.

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