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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Rory Action Figure? PLEASE?

There’s been a good point raised by Nebula One, a website that wonders if we will ever see a Rory Williams action figure released in the Doctor Who range.

Since Doctor Who returned to its rightful place on BBC One on Saturday night, there has been an abundance of merchandise that has been released alongside it.

Droves and droves of action figures have been released of all the Doctors, their friends and their biggest to most obscure enemies.

But poor old Rory has been left out of the loop (as the poor character has been for much of his fictional life) and as yet, we are yet to see a fully fledged action figure of him. So here begins the campaign to sort this problem out once and for all!

There are homemade attempts based on an action figure of Nick Carter (that you can see on YouTube) and even some petitions on Facebook but nothing has come to fruition as of yet.

It’s slightly strange that the character has not had an official release seeing as all the other chacters have. Is there some reason behind this in the grand scheme of Moffat’s plans for the show? Doctor Who Magazine doesn’t include Rory in the comic strip, instead choosing to base their adventures during the time that he was erased from time following the events of 2010’s Cold Blood.

Most importantly, if there was a Rory figure, would you want to add it to your collection?


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5 Responses to Rory Action Figure? PLEASE?

  1. avatar Michael Lee says:

    Do you think that maybe Arthur Darvill doesn’t want to license his likeness for a figurine?

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    Rory has to be on the way. Character Options has a history of exercising sometimes severely poor judgement in regards to the characters it chooses to release in action figure form. We just have to be patient…….

  3. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    Character said to me you can get the Character build version..
    As for DWM not including him in the strip, it was said its easier to just have the Doctor and Amy.

  4. avatar Gary R says:

    Character has indeed shown a rather strange approach to figures from series 5 onwards. Popular recurring characters (Liz 10, Vincent, Churchill) get sidelined in favour of the likes of figures of one-off characters like Smilers. And Hawthorne. And more Smilers. Or we see re-releases of existing figures with additional accessories in later waves (Idris without/with Time Lord communication cube?). If these figures are desinged for kids to play with, then lets see figures they’d want to play with (scary monsters like vampires and Nazis and pirates, or heroes like Rory or River [I want a sexy cat burglar River figure myself...]), as opposed to boring figures of boring monsters.

  5. avatar Dave Wilson says:

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