Matt’s the Way to Dress!

Kasterborous Towers, the French Riviera- while we often recline here in our walnut wing armchairs, draped in our smoking jackets, perusing the daily literature through a veil of fine Cuban smoke, condensation dripping down our Whiskey glass containing rich, smoky Cognac – we are thankful to be men.

Being Men we want nothing more than to indulge in the success of other men and GQ are happy to oblige us.

Congratulations Matt Smith: you are the Most Stylish Man of the Year 2011!

Whether bedecked in a revitalised Tweed jacket or seen out and about the town with his fine lady supermodel Daisy Lowe, Matt is one cool cat.

The Eleventh Doctor had the award bestowed upon him at a glamorous Royal Opera House ceremony last night, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Johnny Depp (who was naturally there to hand Keith Richards the Writer of the Year award for his autobiography Life), Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch (in the house to pick up the Actor of the Year award) and, sadly, rock dinosaur and misguided moral compass Bono, on hand to collect the Band of the Year award for U2.

Congratulations Matt, and won’t you please consider our offer of Backgammon next week?





Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

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