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Published on September 27th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Kingston to Miss Series 7?

Good news for Alex Kingston fans, you’re going to be seeing more of her on the small screen even when she’s not guest starring in Doctor Who.

The actress has recently signed up to play the role of Blanche Mottershead, the younger sister of Lady Holland in the next series of Upstairs Downstairs.

Shooting begins in October (well away from the shooting of the new series of Doctor Who so have no worries, she could still fit a few episodes as River Song into her schedule) and will be set in 1938 during the months leading up to the second World War which, funnily enough, was an era that Kingston was recently seen in during events of Let’s Kill Hitler! The actress commented about the part she was undertaking:

“Heidi [the writer of Upstairs Downstairs] really has created a wonderfully, intriguing character in Blanche who will over time reveal some secrets of her own.”

What is it with writers of resurrected television shows getting Alex Kingston to play a mysterious lady with secrets to be revealed as time goes by?

Kingston joins Jean Marsh (The Daleks’ Master Plan) and Simon Williams (Remembrance of the Daleks) in the list of actors that will have starred in both Upstairs Downstairs and Doctor Who and all have faced-off against Daleks!

Is there a mysterious force at work out there in television land?

Upstairs Downstairs returns to the BBC in spring. The Wedding of River Song featuring Alex Kingston as River Song will be on BBC One this Saturday.


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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

13 Responses to Kingston to Miss Series 7?

  1. avatar Alex says:

    I’ve always been under the assumption that River’s story ends with Season 6, so I’m not expecting to see her continue on beyond this week anyway, unless someone’s heard different. Having said all that, the headline of this news item is misleading as there’s nothing in the story to suggest the won’t be available for Series 7. Remember Peter Davison starred in a sitcom for most of his run as the Fifth Doctor, and Chris Barrie juggled Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire for a number of years.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    Bit of a misleading title there, don’t you think?

    • @Ian, @Alex re: the title being misleading: how so? It’s a question. It doesn’t say “Alex Kingston will not be in Doctor Who Series 7″. It asks if Alex Kingston is going to miss Series 7.

      The headline is there to draw the reader in, and I would wager that all (95%+) of our readers are intelligent and discerning enough to make their own minds up about that it all means.

      There is the other side to the use of that particular phrasing, of course, and if you want to go in-depth on the technicalities of making a snappy title for a website that tends to break mobile browsers then let’s begin…

      • avatar vaguely says:

        A headline is supposed reasonably encapsulate the story. To pretend this one is anything other than hit-whoring brings a new meaning to “disingenuous”.

        • @Vaguely: really? A whole, never before defined meaning? Wow. We’re humbled. Really, that is just a-maz-ing. I suspect you’re overstating things somewhat…

          FYI, a headline is defined as follows at

          1. a heading in a newspaper for any written material, sometimes for an illustration, to indicate subject matter, set in larger type than that of the copy and containing one or more words and lines and often several banks.
          2. the largest such heading on the front page, usually at the top.
          3. the line at the top of a page, containing the title, pagination, etc.

          Here at Kasterborous, we obviously use definition #1, “to indicate subject matter”. The matter being that Alex Kingston is cast in Upstairs Downstairs, and does it mean that she will miss Doctor Who Series 7 if required in the series? Probably it won’t, but it is a reasonable question. (Incidentally, a question is indicated by this symbol “?” – I mention this as your response seems to indicate that you might require help reading and understanding English clearly).

          Of course, if you want to call us “whores” then that’s up to you, but please use the correct Whovian spelling of “whoer”, thereby making us “hit-whoers”.

          • avatar vaguely says:

            There’s nothing in the story to support the headline. It might as easily have been “Is Alex Kingston Transvestite”. Besides you can be cheeky without being dishonest.

            A friend was once able to use the headline “Michael Jackson Dead”. Right up to the day a rather more famous MJ died, it was by far the most common source of hits on his magazine site.

            NEVER rely on dictionary definitions: Any decent journalism course will teach you how to form a headline. And also, the inverse pyramid.

          • @vaguely: this is the Internet, not a broadsheet or tabloid newspaper. The rules are very different, as explained elsewhere in these comments. Furthermore, you only have to look at such publications to see the results of a “decent journalism course”. They’re not pretty, largely embarrassing and, as you described this article, “hit-whoring” and “disingenuous”.

            If you don’t understand writing for the web, then that is fine.
            No one expects you to. However I make a very good living from it, I know the rules and you’re quite wrong.

            Worst of all, you’ve derailed the conversation on this page with your pedantry.

  3. avatar Ian says:

    I take your point and it’s true that the title draws the reader in, as it did me. Classic misdirection really, selling the news of her casting in ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, a piece of tangentially interesting information to your average Who fan, in a form that will get them to read.

    Not having a pop, it just tickled me. Hats off to you ;-)

    • No problem :) and we’re working on the mobile browser problem, if anyone affected is reading!

  4. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I’m not sure how River’s story could actually completely end this Saturday….I mean, we know she goes on to have adventures with the Doctor (or at least someone who looks and acts like the Doctor >ahem<) so it also wouldn't surprise me if the bizarre rescheduling of series 7 might be mostly to accommodate Ms. Kingston's schedule for her time as the Doctor's companion throughout series 7. I mean, someone has all these adventures with her.

  5. avatar Meredith Burdett says:

    This is a fantastically juicy title. As a great writer and producer recently said “slutty titles – the sluttier the better”.

    Plus, once you read it, all the information in the article is honest!

  6. avatar kopicbloodaxe says:

    Mr Cawley, you are a juicy, slutty whoer… keep up the good work! ;-)

  7. avatar Alexander says:

    River songs story has technically ended she can’t be in series 7 if you buy series 6 DVD box set you get four mini episodes called ‘Bad Night’ ‘Good Night’ ‘First Night’ ‘Last Night’ these Episodes include ‘Jim the fish’ lol and Rivers last night with Matt smith before she goes to the library and meets David tennant. If she does make a appearance in session 7 it’ll be hard to explain to the viewers.

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