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Published on September 3rd, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Hope in this Endless, Bitter War

No, we’re not talking about Madam Kovarian’s war against the Doctor, we’re talking about our own war as Whovians against time and the elements on our quest to recover any and all surviving classic episodes of Doctor Who that most of us have never seen in our lives. As the title of this post implies, we have new encouragement that there’s still some Who out there in someone’s storage bin for us to find.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team’s Paul Vanezis recently made a house call to an Essex family who contacted the BBC after uncovering an old reel of Who from a house they’d just moved into:

“Myself and Steve Roberts examined the film which turned out to be Conspiracy, the third episode of The Romans. Nevertheless, it proves that despite what we think is a lot of publicity, people of a certain age just don’t know what they have and in this case, the enthusiast film collector [the previous owner of the house] had been dead for ten years and his wife suffered from Alzheimers.”

If you’ve ever seen The Romans (and perhaps even if you haven’t), you’ll know that Conspiracy isn’t one of the episodes we’ve been looking for because, let’s face it, it’s been released on DVD and everything. But this print that’s been discovered seems to be one of the original copies and despite what Paul describes as less-than-optimal conditions for it to stand the test of time, it has done so and appears to be in good shape.

And if it happened once, it can happen again, right? Except maybe next time they’ll find those missing parts from The Reign of Terror or something.

(Thanks to Gareth)


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2 Responses to Hope in this Endless, Bitter War

  1. avatar Neil Jacques says:

    Be a bit wounded if they found reign of terror, straight after they finish animating it!

  2. avatar John Harley says:

    That would be ironic and knowing the BBC they’d re-issue it with the complete episodes to us fans at an inflated price too!

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