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Published on September 26th, 2011 | by Philip Bates

Fisher-Becker: The Fake Ending

He’s everybody’s favourite old, fat, blue and occasionally-headless black market trader… He’s Dorium Maldovar!

Dorium quickly became loved in the world of Who; his was only a brief cameo in last year’s The Pandorica Opens, but Moffat liked him so much, he reappeared in the mid-series finale, A Good Man Goes to War. Despite his beheading (oh, stop; that’s not a spoiler!), he returns in Saturday’s epic series conclusion, The Wedding of River Song. And actor Simon Fisher-Becker couldn’t be happier about his role in the Whoniverse.

Interestingly, he revealed to CultBox a few details about the fake ending of A Good Man Goes to War:

“The episode as a whole I thought was superb. I was as surprised as everybody else about the revelation at the end. I had no idea, because when we did the read-through we had a different ending. The revelation at the read-through was that the cot tells you the Doctor’s real name.”

Are we to presume this is still relevant, perhaps a way River knew the Doctor’s real name in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead? This might be a good way to wriggle out of the ‘real name’ thing; if we found out, the show surely wouldn’t be Doctor Who anymore…?

And a warning for fans with a nervous disposition: CultBox’s interview includes an explicit use of the word, ‘tickedyboo.’


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4 Responses to Fisher-Becker: The Fake Ending

  1. avatar farsighted99 says:

    “if we found out, the show surely wouldn’t be Doctor Who anymore…?”

    LOL! Only if you can read Gallifreyan, which River Song can, but we certainly can’t. :)


  2. avatar Alex says:

    I’ve been wondering what the fake ending was as no one has said. Of course the fact it was a fake, unfilmed ending means it’s not canon (though I personally figured the cot showed the Doctor’s real name, or at least his family name – Lungbarrow, perhaps?). That of course doesn’t mean Moffat couldn’t recycle it later, of course. I don’t think it would affect the “Doctor Who” aspect because River says the TARDIS doesn’t translate High Gallifreyan, and we already know that River knows his real name (it’s also been implied for years the Master does too). What matters is WE don’t know the name, and never do.

  3. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    The Doctor’s real name? Victorious – the Time Lord, Victorious…. (arf)

  4. avatar John Harley says:


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