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Published on September 24th, 2011 | by Scott Varnham

Corden and Smith, Sitting in a Tree…

According to Digital Spy, Matt Smith is the main reason we are seeing the bafflingly-popular James Corden make a return to our screens in the latest episode of Doctor Who after appearing in last year’s The Lodger. Speaking as a non-Corden fan, I hope the episode will be good in spite of him and/or tie into the overall story arc (and the less he says about Glee, the better).

The story appears to originate from a quote he gave to TV Buzz (the fact that it’s not really much of a story is covered by the fact that they start going on about something else halfway through the article):

“I’m really taken by him, he is the main reason I went back to Doctor Who.”

So the money had nothing to do with it then? He was a fairly popular character (Lord knows why) so that must have partly been an incentive. Another incentive was probably the thought of fighting the Cybermen alongside the Doctor as happens in tonight’s episode.

At the time of writing, he’s due to make his return in Closing Time at 7:10 pm this evening, where we may potentially see more of this attraction between the two leads (well, it looks one-sided at the moment). Of course, our benevolent leader at Kasterborous Towers has already seen it (lucky bugger) and is keeping schtumm, but there was a shot seen in an earlier trailer where the Doctor appears to be about to kiss Craig (complete with dialogue asking about it).

The fangirls live in hope.


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5 Responses to Corden and Smith, Sitting in a Tree…

  1. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Craig is a good character. Why not have him back?

  2. avatar vaguely says:

    *** He was a fairly popular character (Lord knows why)***

    Because he was funny, engaging and easy for ordinary folk to identify with?

    Would have linked a but more Daisy Haggard tho’.

  3. avatar Alex says:

    James Corden falls into the Catherine Tate category: for some reason the folks in the UK don’t seem to like him (except for the millions of fans of his sitcom Gavin & Stacey) while no one outside the UK has ever heard of him so, like Tate who was likewise (initially) greeted with fear and loathing overseas when she was cast as Donna, we just get to enjoy his work on Doctor Who without any of the extra baggage. Sort of like how there may have been some viewers of Torchwood in the US and Canada who didn’t care for Alexa Havins being cast as Esther because of her notoriety on a couple of daytime soaps, or who only thought of Lauren Ambrose as her character from Six Feet Under; bets are no one in the UK knew or cared who they were so they watched them with a clean slate.

  4. avatar Marcus says:

    Well me and mine like him – as said above, the character is likeable and slightly pathetic. Can’t see what your problem is. You didn’t like Bonnie Langford did you…?

  5. avatar ChrisL says:

    I always liked James Corden, well I say ‘liked’, it was more a case of not disliking him.
    He was just one of many new celebs who had started to appear on tv with increasing regularity and, as such, took on the role of somebody who didn’t make me immediately reach for the remote as soon as they appeared – unlike a good many others.

    I enjoyed his performance in Gavin & Stacey, but I didn’t watch that show to see him, I actually tuned into that programme to watch the lovely Sheridan Smith who won my affections as Lucy Miller in the Doctor Who audio adventures.

    It wasn’t until the infamous on-stage spat between Corden and Jean Luc Picard, (as Patrick Stewart will always remain in my eyes, no matter whatever else he does), that I first started to dislike him.
    In fact they both went down in my estimation after that particular childish incident and since then I find myself seeing James Corden in a new light.

    To be fair to the guy though, his performances as Craig have been pretty good and I have absolutely no complaints about his time on Doctor Who at all.
    He delivers his lines well and is a better actor than many who earn their living on television so I don’t quite understand the antipathy towards him.
    Having said that, many on here adore Karen Gillan and her performances whereas I certainly don’t, so it all boils down to personal preference doesn’t it?

    The point raised above about viewers on either side of The Atlantic having different amounts of baggage to contend with when seeing actors in different roles is a valid one and in some ways highlights how limited some actors actually are.
    James Corden is virtually playing the same character in both Doctor Who and Gavin and Stacey, in fact he’s really just playing himself most of the time.
    Compare his performances to those of Hugh Laurie, for example, in ‘House’ and ‘Blackadder’.
    I actually know people who didn’t realise it was the same actor in both series’, such is the quality of Laurie’s talent. I doubt that any ‘baggage’ that might be carried over from ‘Blackadder’ would ever impinge on someone’s enjoyment of ‘House’ because the two roles are so different and are acted so superbly.

    James Corden doesn’t seem to have such a range in his repertoire, and so I suspect if you don’t enjoy him in one particular show you won’t enjoy him in any.

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