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Published on September 20th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Christmas at the Ponds?

After the events of The God Complex, you may be thinking that you’ve seen the last of the Ponds but that’s probably not the case!

Despite the fact that they simply have to be involved in the last episode of the current series (it would seem funny for things to be wrapped up without their presence), snap-happy location shooting fans have uploaded photos from the filming of the 2011 Christmas special to the web and these show the TARDIS parked outside the house that the Doctor gave Amy and Rory as a present.

So, we’ve most likely got Amy and Rory teaming up with the Doctor this Christmas but what does the immediate future hold for the couple? Will we be seeing them in episode 13 after they’ve left the TARDIS or will we only see the couple in flashbacks?

There are lots of loose ends to tie up in this year’s series of Doctor Who, most notably the Doctor’s impending death and a rematch with the villainous Madame Kovarian. But how will Amy and Rory factor into this?

It’s an interesting move by Steven Moffat, to remove two of the main characters before the series end – very different to the “event exit” that Russell T Davies would have set up for a departing character.

What does the future hold for the Doctor’s friends? There’s just over a week until we hopefully find out!


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2 Responses to Christmas at the Ponds?

  1. avatar Alex says:

    Everyone seems to assume they’re leaving the show, or becoming “part-time companions” but I can’t see any reason for that. The trio is simply too popular. We have statements by certain cast members regarding Season 7, and it’s not as if Arthur or Karen are being booked to spend a year in New Zealand filming The Hobbit or something. Barring any announcement that will take the cast members away (such as Karen being cast in a US TV series or something) I won’t be surprised to see them back next season, River included.

  2. avatar Barry says:

    Hmmn, it’s standard to let characters have a little bit of happy time before they get bumped off. We are following the Doctor’s time line so he could turns up in an episode’s time and 5 years or more have gone by for Amy and Rory… like he has done several times before.

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