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Published on August 1st, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Script to Screen Winners

Four Schoolchildren have become the envy of hundreds of frustrated writers (…cough..) and won the opportunity to have their mini-episode of Doctor Who broadcast in the Autumn.

The pupils from Oakley Junior School won the BBC’s Script to Screen competition aimed at 9-11 year olds were lucky enough to travel to the Cardiff studios and see their finished script brought to life by Matt Smith and the Doctor Who team.

The 3 minute episode written by Adam Shephard, Daniel Heaton, Ben Weston and Katie Hossick will see the Doctor come up against a one of four familiar monsters – Ood, Judoon, Cyberman or Weeping Angel – plus a new human character to test his wits.

Speaking to the Basingstoke Gazette Kevin Downing, a Year 6 teacher at the school, said the pupils were understandably delighted to be winners:

“The children had great fun deliberating over how the Doctor would react to things.”

Mr. Downing commented that he could really see the potential of the groups idea because of its originality, humour and mystery.

Head writer and competition judge Steven Moffat spoke of his love for all the entries:

“I loved the shortlisted scripts. There was so much skill and enthusiasm on display that it was actually genuinely very, very difficult to judge.”


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4 Responses to Script to Screen Winners

  1. avatar Alex says:

    I think we can safely assume that this will be the Children in Need mini-episode this year. It would be a perfect fit!

  2. avatar momi says:

    well leila maisie james and azeezah should of won i loved theres people were so wrong and the winners you are losers

    • avatar dan weston says:

      my little brother stayed behind school every day for 2 weeks to make the script that won. Im in year 11 and i cant find that dedication for my GCSE’s he put his soul into this and he deserved to win.

  3. avatar kemml says:

    the year 4 students for millfieds should of one leila maisie azeezah and james

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