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Published on August 22nd, 2011 | by Laredo Lowtide Second Life Exhibition

“The Second Life Exhibition resides in one of the virtual sims within Second Life – New London Village. The sim hosts a fusion of Doctor Who and London attributes, including locations and landmarks from the OodSphere and Maldovarium (see image) to Big Ben and the Tower of London!

The Kasterborous Center is a build that has three sections.

  • The Kasterborous Lounge: for the latest viewers this area has a live update of the newspage as well as a Doctor Who word game and some comfy seats to virtually relax in.
  • New London Freebie Factory: a mix of virtual freebies including a load relating to Doctor Who!
  • The Kasterborous Doctor Who Exhibition: This exhibition spans the second floor. It has a display for each Doctor and some of his most popular enemies. Each display when clicked will give you a small personal review (the First and Eleventh Doctors have a review from Kasterborous editor in chief Christian Cawley and assistant editor Brian Terranova) as well as a relevant review from Kasterborous’ archives. Each display will also give you a relevant free Second Life gesture relating to its contents.

There is also a collection of images from the show and a three display of some of the Doctor’s most famous props!

Worth a visit! If you have signed up to Second Life (free), you can jump straight to the Kasterborous Center via the following link. – in world, just do a search for “New London” or locate TARDIS sim!

If you’re new to Second Life, check out the images below, and if  you fancy joining in, head to

Doctor Who in Second Life, with Kasterborous!

Doctor Who in Second Life, with Kasterborous!

Doctor Who in Second Life, with Kasterborous!

Doctor Who in Second Life, with Kasterborous!


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  1. avatar Alex says:

    I haven’t played with Second Life in ages. I used to be a regular until some of my favorite areas — which included several Doctor Who-themed areas and a very accurate recreation of the Torchwood Hub — suddenly disappeared overnight (along with several locations that allowed one to make “money” (for spending in-world) without having to tithe your credit card. I lost interest after that. I did pop back in not long ago and I think I found this area you’re talking about here and I thought it looked cool.

  2. The Torchwood hub disappeared? Awwww… That was one of my favorite spots! Yeah, I haven’t been on in forever either…

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