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Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Karen Gillan Blocked

Karen Gillan is set to star in her very own film, a comedy about a writer with writer’s block bought on by happiness and success.

Not Another Happy Ending, directed by John McKay (Crush), will see Gillan’s character go through turmoil as she suffers the block until her publisher decides to help her out and get her writing again only to discover that (shock, horror) he’s in love with her.

The film will also star Emun Elliot (Game of Thrones) opposite Gillan, McKay remarked:

“We have two of the newest, hottest, sexiest pair of lead actors out of Scotland.”

And indeed that is something to be excited about. What does create an ominous feeling however is that filming is due to start at the end of 2011 or possibly early 2012. Isn’t this when Karen should be filming more Doctor Who?

Recently, the BBC announced that the next batch of episodes of Doctor Who that they ordered would be shown partly in 2012 and partly in 2013. Could part of the reason for this be so that the stars of the show can pursue other roles whilst remaining in Doctor Who? Or could it just be that it’s time for Amy and Rory to move on from their life in the TARDIS and finally settle down in upper Leadworth?

Guess we’ll find out soon…


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6 Responses to Karen Gillan Blocked

  1. avatar ian says:

    Move on. Please. Take Matt with you.

    • @Ian – any chance you could keep you posts a little more positive?


  2. avatar Marcus says:

    ..ties in with what I said about one of your other articles when Karen confirmed she was back in season 3: she’s coming back yes, but not necessarily as a regular…
    Things have to change – 3 series with the same Tardis crew would be too much for the BBC: they will feel the need to change it. 2 seasons with the same crew is a record as it is! (since 2005 obviously)

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Yeah, she never said she would be back full time. I think we can safely assume that she’ll return like Rose did later in the Tennant run. It’s goo that she and Rory leave anyway–turnover has always been the norm in the Tardis and let’s face it, we’ve got to make room for River. Lots of ground to cover there!

  4. avatar Alex says:

    I’m not concerned. They managed to find time for Karen to film We’ll Take Manhattan and Alex Kingston found time to do a play, all before production of Season 6 wrapped. Also, if broadcast of Series 7 is to become a fall-to-spring scenario (like it used to be), they could hold off on filming until the spring of 2012 for all we know.

    One thing to remember – according to earlier news reports Doctor Who is supposed to move into the new Cardiff studios in 2012. It makes sense to move them in prior to the start of a season’s production rather than midway through… I think they’re going to move them after they film the Christmas special this fall, and start fresh in 2012.

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    @Ian, and I thought I could be catty………..

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