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Published on August 5th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

BBC America Doctor Who Specials

August 27th. That’s going to be one hell of a day, as Doctor Who returns to our screens to not only wrap up the “revelation of River Song” two parter but also to continue his mad adventures across all of time and space. The TARDIS crew are going to be facing Hitler, mad hotels, Cybermen, weeping Angels and maybe the Daleks as well…

To honour the return of the good Doctor and his crew, BBC America will air three special episodes looking at different aspects of Doctor Who!

Best of the Doctor (you can work out what that one’s about) will be shown two Saturdays (August 13th) before Let’s Kill Hitler and will be shown at 9pm. Best of the Monsters will look at the child of Gallifrey’s arch rivals that he has encountered in the many Universes that he’s been to and will air a week after Best of the Doctor in the same timeslot. The final special, Best of the Companions, will be shown at 9pm on August 27th, straight after Let’s Kill Hitler.

Whether these special documentaries will be shown in the UK is yet to be confirmed.

What’s interesting however, is the picture that’s supplied with the link. Not only do we have a Silent, Rory, Amy, River and the impossible Astronaut but there is also a mysterious and ominous looking pyramid that’s bound to play a big part in the Series 6 finale. The Doctor is also sporting a longer looking jacket making him look a little bit like his predecessor.

It’s going to look great for all those “serious, slow motion walks towards the camera” moments…


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8 Responses to BBC America Doctor Who Specials

  1. avatar Not the Messiah says:

    Erm, would that be the pyramid that appears in the new trailer? The one that’s emblazened with the stars and stripes and the words ‘Area 52′? :-)

  2. avatar ian says:

    BBC America specials. They really know how to annoy me don’t they? Have the BBC completely outsourced the promotion of Doctor Who to America?

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Careful what you wish for. The specials here, even the episodes, on their first runs, they have a commercial every 7 minutes and during the break, they show behind the scenes of what you just watched. Annoying as hell. They have been easing off the on screen commercial blurbs though, so that’s getting a bit better.

    • avatar Ian says:

      What I’m wishing for is that the BBC will get the lead out. Everytime I see an interview with a cast member or some behind the scenes footage it has a BBC America logo. I would love to know what the BBC is doing to promote the return of it’s most popular non-soap drama. If all we’re going to get is a few chatshow appearances and a Radio Times cover then I will be miffed. It’s hard not to feel that the BBC are taking UK fans for granted and it does not augur well for the 50th anniversary. In the BBC’s mad rush to break America will all the good stuff have to be imported back to us from the states? Probably not, but at this moment in time the BBC’s lack of transparency and indolence is shameful.

      • avatar Rick Lundeen says:

        Now, if they were showing the new episodes here first and then over in the UK, yes, I could understand your anger but these “specials” aren’t very special. They’re basically long commercials for the show and remember, this is a business. BBCA’s biggest audience over here for Doctor Who so far is 1.3 million. That’s nothing over here and they’re trying to get attention and grow their audience. The UK already loves the show and doesn’t need the same attention. I skip the specials since it’s just a big rehash. All you’re missing is more promotion of the show to get more viewers here. But the more people they get watching, the more revenue the show receives, the safer it and it’s budget are for the future.

        • avatar Ian says:

          My problem is not with BBC America. I agree with everything you say. It’s a small station trying to get attention by hawking the only thing of value it has – new episodes of Doctor Who. The problem I have is two-fold: 1) They’re not going to make inroads into America by having Matt, Karen et al do press junkets in New York and Los Angeles. They need to get into the heartlands. To my eyes they just seem to be schmoozing industry bigwigs, scoping out new jobs for when the Doctor Who gig ends.
          2) The complacency in the UK on the part of the BBC and the general public. The BBC appear to think that the show no longer needs a stable time slot. They can move it around week in week out and people will still watch it. And the general audience just think “I’ve got better things to do tonight. I’ll just watch it on iPlayer some other time”. The love you speak of is fading.

          • avatar Stlshawn says:

            Top ten ways to get doctor in the heartland of America. 

            10- give it almost free (at least the 2005 series) to a syndication company as late night filler for local stations. Only problem, most people do not watch local television any more. 
            9- give it almost free to PBS. Then it will be at least available to most basic cable subscribers, and people who watch broadcast tv. Once addicted, they will buy more. 
            8- sign a promotion deal with redbox or something similar. 
            7 – cross promotion with pepsi, anyone want a can of doctor dew?
            6- cheat. Market it as something it is not. Something cheap and tawdry filled with half naked dancing girls. Aliens gone wild.  
            5- more futurama appearances! (anyone else catch 4 coming out of the apace whale last week). 
            4- two words …. ” on ice ”
            3- Karen gillan exhausted after hanging lights should be the promo pic. 
            2- donate some clay to Seth green. 
            And the number one way to get Dr Who in the heartland.
            - free beer with every DVD.

  4. avatar Stlshawn says:

    I wish bbca would get on the boat with showing some earlier doctor stuff. They seem to completely ignore the history of who with their “specials”. At least that’s what I remember feom the last ride.

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