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Published on July 25th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Spoilers for Christmas?


This little piece of spoilerific gossip from Eye of Horus might just leave you hoping that Christmas takes a bit longer to come around this year…

Now it literally is just a single sentence, but brace yourselves:
[spoiler ]

“Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil will leave during Christmas Special 2011”


Of course, Eye of Horus is known for some bold reporting over the years, some of which has turned out to be true.

Given that Karen Gillan has said that she is returning for Series 7, it’s a tricky one to call.

As ever, we’ll let you make your own minds up…


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8 Responses to Spoilers for Christmas?

  1. avatar Si says:

    Ah, but didn’t Karen say that she would be back in series seven? So maybe Amy and Rory *will* leave in the Christmas special (which, considering Karen’s and Arthur’s theatre commitments, seems likely), with Amy making a guest appearance in series seven.
    As much as I adore Amy/Karen (and, believe me, I do), I would rather Amy and Rory be together, whether it be on the TARDIS or not. I don’t, for instance, don’t Rory to die (again) as it’s become something of a joke for Rory to die/return/almost die. I’d rather them go off, happy, together.

  2. avatar Michael says:

    It’s rubbish. Just a simple piece of research into the shows shooting schedule will tell you Amy and Rory aren’t even IN the 2011 Christmas Special. We don’t know yet if Amy is to be a regular companion in Series 7 (or if Rory is returning at all) but she will be back. I’m surprised you even bothered posting this ‘news’.

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Again, she’ll visit like rose did but come on people SHE HAS A BABY NOW. I don’t have that much affection for the character but I doubt Moffat would paint her as so irresponsible to go running around evading Daleks while carrying an infant. Each companion needs a reason to leave so the actors can get on with their careers and this is Rory and Amy’s. I think it’s pretty obvious and not at all surprising.

  4. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    and no, nowhere has Gillan said she’d be back for all of series 7, that’s wishful thinking. She only said she’d be back.

  5. avatar Laura says:

    Karen only said she was coming back. Given the Xmas ep hasn’t been filmed yet, it does so in Sep, she could very well be meaning that. So she’s not lying about coming back at all, yet she hasn’t said she is doing S7. If she and Arthur leave at Xmas then technically she’s not.

    I can see it being a Christmas family hurrah for The Ponds.

  6. avatar Susan says:

    Can I pray to Santa Clause now that “The God Complex” ep really is the last we’ll see of Amy? Please?

  7. avatar Susan says:

    or, you know…even Santa CLAUS? (just wanted to cover all my bases, prayer-wise)

  8. avatar vickiie says:

    They’re not even IN the xmas special guys…

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