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Published on June 4th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Tennant to Lead Fright Night 2?

The movie hasn’t even been released yet but there are already rumours that David Tennant will be getting a leading role in Fright Night 2, a sequel to a remake that has yet to be released!

The original 1980’s Fright Night saw a horror film fan realise that his next door neighbour was a vampire and then had to find a way to deal with him. The remake has the same basic plot but with a few twenty first century updates. In the remake out later this year, Tennant plays the part of Peter Vincent, a magician turned vampire hunter.

The word on Hollywood boulevard is that David’s performance is so good that the sequel (which is yet to be announced) will give him a lager leading role with lots more to do; this could well be the actor’s big break in America that he’s been looking for!

One “source” at the production company said:

“Our source tells us that DreamWorks is considering turning the franchise over to David Tennant for Fright Night 2.”

If this happens then that means that the film will be a sequel to a remake of a film that already has a sequel (Fright Night Part 2). And they say that American films are running out of plot ideas!


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3 Responses to Tennant to Lead Fright Night 2?

  1. avatar Hyncharas says:

    Y’know despite the hype for Fright Night, I’m surprised that Tennant had such a small part in the first trailer if Dreamworks are behind him 100%. I hope that a better extent of his performance surfaces before the movie hits theatres.

  2. avatar nel says:

    not so surprising at all. Tennant is still relatively unknown in the US and studios are almost always skittish. they need to make money after all, and will market the known quantity over the unknown. that may change as internet buzz begins to build. we’ll see.

  3. avatar STLShawn says:

    Yay, lets all start buzzing :)

    It’s so odd, he was a smash as the Doctor, obviously lead material,,, why can’t the land of Hollywood see that.

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