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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Le DVD de saison 5!

Just in time for tomorrow’s French DVD release of Doctor Who Series 4 and the 2009 specials (and re-release of Series 1-3), France 4 has revealed the time-of-year (if not a specific date) for the Series 5 DVD to be this autumn, thanks to the ever-growing announcement medium that is Twitter.

What’s more, purists who tend to not be fans of the hard work that goes into dubbing over the original voices in foreign language media can rejoice, knowing that Matt Smith’s voice will be present and accounted for, with subtitles for the English-impaired.

Our ever-reliable friend Aurélie Demonchaux of the French Whovian Beans on Toast forum provided us not only with this scoop, but also a translation of the original tweets that spawned this news between France 4 and a Who fan who also seems enthusiastic about a certain annoying youthful pop icon:

Hello, when will Series 5 of Doctor Who be released on DVD? please will it include the original English version with French subtitles ? THANK YOU.
this fall : DVD release of #doctorwho Series 5. It will include the original English version with French subtitles :)
There you go, French people.  Come Christmastime, you’ll be able to give all your friends, family members, and selves a bit of every Doctor Who season since 2005, barring of course the current sixth/thirty-second season that we’re not even sure we English speakers will have by then!

If you happen to speak and understand French, you’ve been cordially invited to join the fun at the Beans on Toast forum by discussing this news on this thread!


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