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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Cool Things from “A Good Man…”

Well, that was quite an epic bit of Saturday night entertainment wasn’t it? Lost lovers reunited, new loves lost and a certain reveal about the identity of a certain lady, you know who we’re talking about!

But during the main events that unfolded, did you spot some of the utter gems that Steven Moffat wrote in that really made A Good Man goes to War such an enjoyable experience? You probably did but has made a note of them for anyone who missed those wonderful moments.

Rory finally, really and properly stepping up to be the man he was meant to was a great start to the episode, as those Cyber ships exploded around him and he didn’t flinch an eyelash? Brilliant! Plus a lovely little cameo from the Cybermen of our universe only to have most of them wiped out within the blink of an eye so that the Doctor could get his message across. How much do you think that little throwaway scene cost?

River also gets two birthdays in this episode and spends both of them with the Doctor, that’s birth and latest birthday (however old she is) within the space of mere hours, talk about full circle.

Viewers concerned that Moffat would start excluding gay couples as some part of a “straight agenda” need not be concerned, not only do you have the incredibly in-sync “fat one and thin one” duo but you also get a cross species, same sex relationship between a Silurian woman and her human associate. Cue fantastic visual gag of Silurian asking her lady friend why she puts up with her rudeness only to extend her very long tongue, knock out the guard trying to escape and the two ladies exchanging knowing glances! Very risqué, very fun and very Moffat!

And the Sontaran nurse! Has a Sontaran ever been so…likeable and funny? Genuinely thinking that the little boy he was tending to found the thought of being slain on the battlefield in the future comforting. And offering his own milk to feed the baby? One of the funniest Doctor Who gags ever. Didn’t you just want the whole gang that the Doctor had amassed to all survive for possible future encounters?


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3 Responses to Cool Things from “A Good Man…”

  1. avatar Rick says:

    The Moff added a new dimension to the Sontarans there, I think. In one fell swoop, their war-mongering obsessiveness, their single-mindedness became rather endearing and one could relate to it. Although I’ve always liked the Sontarans, they’d come off a bit 2 dimensional in the past but this was a great step forward as I’m sure other writers will build on this.

    As for the Cybermen, I was really hoping that they’d revert back to their Tenth Planet incarnations as I felt they were always the creepiest versions. Nice to see them as part of a throwaway scene just to make a point, though. I liked that as well. Even the Silurian was a welcome addition. I didn’t much care for last years’ two parter so this was another step up, kudos to the main man again! Great, great episode, can’t wait for the autumn and “Let’s Kill Hitler!”

  2. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    The Sontaran actor gave great delivery of his lines, all about making people better so that one day he might destroy their worthless carcasses on the battlefield, but I’d like to see the race being threatening again rather than being laughable.

    The Silurian – this was the hardest bit for me to appreciate in the whole episode. I’m not saying we should revert to the one-dimensional wobbly-headers from 41 years ago, more that the concept of Madam Vrasta is something that would have worked in a New Adventures novel, where there’s time and space to build up a characterisation and make her believable, than as a throwaway character in a fairly hectic 50 minute TV episode.

    I just don’t buy the idea of a Silurian living in Victorian London as a serial killer-hunter and apparently in a lesbian relationship of sorts with her maid, but that may be because it was rushed in and not given enough time to make her motives credible.

  3. avatar Leosw4 says:

    The episode was a box of delights.

    Personally, I found Commander Strax (?) quite wonderful and did actully find his demise quite touching ‘still I’ve had a good life’. Indeed it was IMO, the best use of the Sontarons since Experiment.

    As for Lady Silurian, well a cult has been created if ever there was one and I can see many an off screen adventure in the expanded media to come at some point. She seemed to know much about the Doctor and had clearly been friends for a while. Maybe we will see some future TV returns as well, maybe not, but it did seem to have an air of a new Jango and Lightfoot about the whole set up.
    ‘Will that be all M’Lady’, ‘Yes Parker…..’. Quite delicious.

    Totally loved this episode.

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