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Published on June 27th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Comic Artists – There’s Still Time!

You might recall that a little over a month ago we announced that we’re looking for a lucky-but-unpublished artistic soul to take command of a new one-off comic story following the mega-success of our 2009 Time Leech trilogy.

The response from our readers has been so overwhelmingly successful that our mates up in the Kasterborous Towers Space Station, who once orbited Gallifrey, are now revolving around a mind-bogglingly massive floating conglomeration of art that has easily swallowed up the planet… or was that the Time War?  Either way, here’s an appreciative tip of our Stetsons to all who have contributed to the Ghost Train Nebula thus far; it’s not a stretch to say that our judges are going to have a very difficult time picking just one of you, HOWEVER…

It ain’t over yet.

This post is not a referee declaring the end of phase one, but rather a two-minute (or should we say, one-week) warning.  We’ll be wrapping up the first part of our competition this Sunday evening, so if you have any inclination at all of having your work featured right here on Kasterborous, get your entry in by then!

What we want from you is an…

  • Initial submission – a sample of your work, Doctor Who related or otherwise.  If we like it, we will ask you to illustrate a…
  • Single page from the script – and if this is what we’re looking for, you will be invited to illustrate the…
  • Final strip!

Here’s the people who’ll be analyzing your work:

  • Christian Cawley, co-founder and editor of Kasterborous and writer of the Ghost Train script, which you’ll be translating into visuals if you win
  • Brian A. Terranova, associate editor of Kasterborous
  • Anthony Dry, Kasterborous co-founder, designer, and all around brilliant artist, whose work you may have seen if you own a copy of Ultimate Regeneration or one of the new series DVD box sets
  • Gareth Kavanagh, editor of the high-quality Doctor Who fanzine Vworp Vworp
  • Somebody Else, a mysterious, unannounced, and impressive individual who may or may not know who he or she is

While there’s no money involved in this project, Kasterborous seems to have a bit of a track record with helping artists cross over from the void of relative obscurity to the world of in-demand Whoniverse designers.  Just ask the aforementioned Anthony Dry or our first Time Leech artist Justin Abbot – if you can catch them while they’re not busy, that is!

Send your entries to – we look forward to hearing from you!


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